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The use of specialized teams has always been and will continue to be an integral part of managing events that occur within a correctional environment. Whenever we encounter conflict with inmates, our primary goal is to resolve those situations through the use of effective communication.
However, at times in-custody persons require higher levels of control due to the imminent risk they present to the centre and others. In these situations, a specialized trained team - Crisis Intervention Team {CIT) can be authorized and deployed to quickly and efficiently deal with the threat.
This specialized Crisis Intervention Team training has been developed for Nunavut Corrections. The training will allow current staff to build on previous skills and knowledge learned in the Nunavut Corrections Security Training {NCST). The primary focus of this training will be to inform and train staff on the policy, protocol and safe practice for the cell entry and extraction of a barricaded person.


  • CORR-1406
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