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This course focuses on a variety of components of professional practice including personal health, wellness, and nutrition; leadership; and current challenges and policies in healthcare. Learners will apply concepts related to health, wellness, and nutrition to make effective personal choices to promote a healthy and resilient lifestyle. This course will provide a foundation for learners to apply these wellness and resilience concepts throughout the Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Advanced Diploma program to paramedic calls and case studies. Learners will become aware of their legal responsibilities as an Advanced Care Paramedic through the study of relevant legislation, regulation, policy, procedure, code of ethics and scope of practice information. An understanding of the communication and reporting requirements and techniques in the healthcare field will enable learners to communicate effectively, both verbally and through written reports, within the hospital and prehospital settings and collaboratively with other health care professionals. Finally, current challenges and policies in healthcare including topics of addiction, homelessness, youth crises, and mental health are introduced through case studies, research, and discussion. Learners will focus on emergency health issues faced in particular in small rural communities. As leadership skills are developed, learners will begin to consider their role and potential influence in the broader health care system. Learners will work through a number of assignments in groups, thereby enabling them to practice both working effectively in teams and to practice taking on a leadership role.
This course is part of the Advanced Diploma in Advanced Care Paramedicine. For information about the program please visit


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