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This introductory research methods course is designed for learners who are, or will be, engaged in applied social science research, community based research (CBR), and policy research initiatives. Social science and community based research takes place in community settings and engages community leaders and members in the design and execution of the research project. This course will emphasize the importance of fostering partnerships which involve collaboration among the community, educational institutions, practitioners and policy makers. This course will provide learners with the knowledge and basic tools to conceptualize core research questions and to design appropriate methods for hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis. As a foundation course, the content will focus primarily on qualitative methods, participant observation, comparative studies, case study research, ethnography, descriptive field studies, secondary data analysis. The course will provide an introduction to mixed method approaches using a blend of qualitative and quantitative approaches. Learners will be introduced to key readings to broaden their knowledge related to knowledge generation, hypothesis testing, data collection, and research ethics. The course will also explore the practice and policy uptake processes of applied qualitative research, i.e. how research can help shape and inform public policy. RESM-2100 Research Methods (Formerly RESM200)


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