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Total Control Driving has been designed for drivers of all skill levels, from the inexperienced to the motoring enthusiast or driving professional. Total Control Driving is a hands-on course. Eighty percent of the course is held behind the wheel. Total Control Driving will enhance and develop the drivers' confidence and skill levels when operating the different types of vehicles available to them in their day-to-day activities. Participants use their own vehicles (or company supplied vehicles) in the Braking and Decision-Maker exercises. By operating the vehicles that they use in day-to-day activities, participants learn the specific vehicle limitations and capabilities. In turn, drivers also learn their own specific limitations and capabilities in operating their specific vehicles. Total Control Driving is held at the PTEC Driver Training Centre on a track specifically laid out for developing driving skills. The structure of this track allows the drivers to learn and experience their vehicles' optimum acceleration, braking and cornering abilities in a controlled environment. Control vehicle weight shifts, and maximize traction to improve lateral stability Optimum vehicle performance is achieved by challenging students to change their driving behaviours. New skill levels will be achieved with hands-on driving exercises. Test reaction skills in the "Decision Maker" exercise. Reduce driver stress and anxiety. Operate your vehicle in a controlled environment. Learn the secrets of vehicle dynamics and how to minimize or eliminate vehicle skids. You will also learn to improve your most important driving skill - emergency braking techniques and how to effectively brake with anti-lock braking (ABS) systems. Discover the secrets of visual tracking and develop smoothness, balance and finesse, the keys to driving excellence. · Courses are customized to meet specific client needs. · Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVO) is available. · Courses run from one to three days and are limited to 10 participants. The Total Control Driving course is held at the PTEC Driver Training Facility in Delta, BC. One of the best facilities of its type in North America, it offers sophisticated track layouts for acceleration, braking, cornering and skid recovery training.


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