Infographic of JIBC's Accessibility Goals at a Glance with five areas of focus represented by different colours and graphic icons, above the goals for each area.
Infographic of JIBC's accessibility goals at a glance. Click on the image to view a larger version.

The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) is committed to inclusivity and ensuring we do all that we can to provide fair access to all members of our community and beyond to participate and succeed in all that JIBC has to offer.

This commitment is aligned with that of the Government of British Columbia, which passed its Accessible British Columbia Act in 2021, becoming the fifth province in Canada to introduce comprehensive accessibility legislation. This law will create new regulations to ensure government and organizations become more accessible, removing barriers faced by people with disabilities.

As a public, post-secondary institution, JIBC is proud to be part of the initial implementation of this important piece of legislation which will increase inclusion and independence for all, in line with our vision of safer communities and a more just society.

To that end, JIBC is engaging with campus partners and people with lived experience to inform the development of the Institute’s accessibility plan. It has also formed an accessibility committee to oversee the plan’s implementation.

Read our Accessibility Plan here.

We encourage any feedback on the plan and any initiatives to improve accessibility at JIBC. Please send your questions and comments to