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About the Event

Successful organizations are those that have a high level of well-being, autonomy and enthusiasm and allow individuals to thrive with a sense of fulfilment and purpose. Research findings from the field of Positive Psychology identify successful strategies and offer practical tools to help us view the world in ways that enhance levels of motivation, productivity and contribute to a positive outlook - especially important in our post-pandemic world. This online course offers leaders, managers and team members techniques to recognize unconscious patterns of thinking and behaving and proposes concrete methods to challenge the way we view obstacles and setbacks so that they can be overcome.

About the speaker: Jason gained his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from Oxford University, UK, where he specialised in the field of social behaviour and interpersonal communication. After several years spent lecturing in university environments, he felt a strong desire to take the ideas from the academic world and apply them in real-world settings. Since 2000, he has been a consultant and workshop facilitator for a wide range of clients - from small non-profits to global corporations - on a variety of leadership-related topics. He has travelled extensively and brings the insights gained from work and research with many different cultures into his teaching style. Ultimately, his main goal is always to provide a safe, nurturing and enjoyable learning environment that encourages people to look inwards and embark on a journey of meaningful self-reflection.

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