Financial Aid Application

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Personal Information
Personal Contact Information
Personal Contact Information
Citizenship Status
Are you a Canadian Citizen?
Indigenous Status
Do you identify yourself as an Indigenous person?
Indigenous status
Academic Information
Financial Information
Which best describes your current situation?
Where will you be residing during your study period?
If you are living with other people who are they?
How many dependents do you have?
Please include StudentAid BC or any out-of-province government student loans.
If so, please indicate the total amount currently outstanding.
Please include RRSP's, Investments, Stocks etc. and exclude tuition and book expenses.
Please include HRDC, unemployment insurance, social assistance, etc.
Please include the cost of any books.
Please include the cost of any day care, nanny, etc.
Please describe any exceptional circumstances that have affected your ability to finance your studies.

Please include details of any exceptional medical expenses, child care expenses or the need to pay fees for two residences in order to attend a particular JIBC campus.

You may be asked to provide supporting documentation when your application is reviewed, but please do not send any documentation unless it is requested.

[Maximum 250 words]
Personal Statement
Please include any further information that you feel might help in deciding on the outcome of your application.

[Maximum 250 words]

I hereby declare that the information given on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and that I have read and understood the directions at the beginning of this application.

Any misrepresentation may result in a penalty which could include, but is not limited to, expulsion from my program, ineligibility to be considered for future bursaries and forfeit of any outstanding bursaries. Furthermore, the JIBC Registration Office maintains the right to withhold grades and official transcripts and to put a notation on my permanent record.

I authorize the JIBC Registration Office to verify any or all of the above statements if deemed necessary.

I understand that:

  • the JIBC bursary selection committee appointed will review my application
  • I must maintain satisfactory completion of courses in my program.

I give permission to the JIBC Registration Office:

  • to use information from my Income Tax Return to verify information on my bursary application.
  • to consult its own Student Information System for the purpose of ascertaining my academic standing and cumulative credits; also to confirm my status as either part-time or full time and to confirm my field of study.