Our donors support us in so many ways. They have helped JIBC establish its national and international reputation for quality justice and public safety education and training.

Giving has a profound impact at JIBC. It plays a pivotal role in building a brighter future for our students and the communities we serve.

With donor support, our students make a difference each and every day throughout British Columbia, across Canada, and around the world. Donors are a vital part of our JIBC community. Their support means the world to our students.


How Do Donations Help?


  1. They ease financial stresses for more than 200 students each year.
  2. They enhance student learning through new technology, highly specialized equipment and innovative programs.
  3. They build endowments for sustainable growth and development.


For The JIBC Foundation, it’s rewarding to experience the effect of our work and to see how it impacts others – for those who receive the gifts, and for those who make a difference through their generous spirit.

To get inspired by stories of students and graduates whose lives have benefited from our work together, please read and watch some of the testimonials below.

We hope this experience leaves you ready to help provide the tools for tomorrow’s heroes.

“Every time I get ready for duty, I stand tall and proud in my uniform, the donors are with me. Every time I go to a call, no matter how big or small, the donors are by my side."

Shauntelle Nichols
Graduate, Law Enforcement Studies Diploma, JIBC Police Academy, and recipient of the Minerva Foundation for BC Women Award and Bob Hull Memorial Award

"I hope that I can be an inspiration and role model, as Jocelyn Roberts’ story is to me and many other women in the fire service and beyond. This awards has humbled me, given me courage."

Chantal McLeod
Graduate, Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate, and Recipient of the Jocelyn Roberts Memorial Award and Jon Baillie Memorial Award

Be the one giving to student success