Accommodation of Employees

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Policy Responsibility: 
Board of Governors
May 22, 2014
May 22, 2015

Context / Purpose: 

This policy provides guidance to develop and maintain a barrier-free workplace and to expand the accessibility of the workplace to persons with disabilities.

Policy Statement: 

Justice Institute of British Columbia (“JIBC”) adheres to the principles set out in the BC Human Rights Code and is committed to providing an equitable and accessible work environment which promotes, involves and reflects our diverse communities. Likewise, JIBC will take reasonable steps to accommodate employees and prospective employees who have a medically documented disability, or whose participation in the workforce is otherwise affected by employment-related barriers created by a characteristic protected by BC’s Human Rights Code, unless it would cause undue hardship to JIBC to do so.


This Policy applies to the accommodation by JIBC of employees and prospective employees in the areas protected by the BC’s Human Rights Code.

JIBC will endeavour to design all employment systems, processes and facilities to be accessible by employees with disabilities, by building accommodation into workplace standards, systems, processes and facilities and by accommodating employees when such barriers cannot be removed to the extent possible.

Last updated August 4, 2015