Campus Closure Due to Weather

Policy Number: 
Policy Responsibility: 
Board of Governors
Board of Governors
December 3, 2013
Last Amended: 
March 23, 2017
March 20, 2022

Context / Purpose: 

While it is a very infrequent occurrence, there may be occasions when it is necessary to close the campus due to inclement weather, building emergencies or for other safety reasons. Our ability to conduct our scheduled courses and programs while not jeopardizing the safety of our employees, students and/or visitors is the primary consideration in determining whether the campus should be closed.

Policy Statement: 

Our students rely on the JIBC to provide them with education and training through the courses for which they have enrolled. Consequently, we have a responsibility to conduct our courses as scheduled whenever possible. When conditions are such that access to and from the campus is significantly hampered or unsafe, a decision will be made regarding whether the campus should be closed. 

No employees, students or visitors should put their safety at risk as a result of unsafe conditions


This policy is intended for all JIBC and employees.

Last updated November 20, 2017