Program Advisory Committee

Policy Number: 
Policy Responsibility: 
Vice-President, Academic
Board of Governors
June 26, 2014
June 26, 2017

Context / Purpose: 

In order to develop and keep up to date for relevant programming in justice and public safety the institute may seek the advice and consultation of individuals with particular experience, expertise, position, professional or membership background to assist JIBC with such areas as:

  1.  Identifying and developing new programs or programming
  2. Assessing currency and relevance of existing programs
  3. Liaising with particular sectors such as industry or prospective employers or students
  4. Fostering communication amongst agencies, institutions, leaders, and organization
  5. Contributing subject matter expertise for enhanced quality of programs
  6. Establishing criteria for program teaching faculty qualifications

Policy Statement: 

Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC or the Institute) is committed to high quality education and training that is responsive to the employment context, forward-looking, and reflective of current and best practices to best support learner outcomes. Program Advisory Committees (PAC) may be used to assist the Institute to most effectively meet this commitment and provide a forum for individuals with specific expertise to advise JIBC on both the development and maintenance of programs. It is expected that all programs/program clusters (that is, a grouping of programs) will have active PACs to provide strategic advice and assistance to JIBC programs.


This policy applies to all programs[1] at JIBC. Certain programs may have an established PAC with terms of reference and membership outside of this procedure (e.g., Police Academy) and such PACs will be deemed to meet the expectation outlined in the policy.

[1] Reference the policy where “programs” are defined.

Last updated March 1, 2016