Youth in Care Tuition Bursary

Policy Number: 
Policy Responsibility: 
Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Program Council
November 6, 2014
November 6, 2017

Context / Purpose: 

The Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) offers a Tuition Bursary Program for eligible students who have grown up in government care.  The tuition bursary is intended to provide opportunity to individuals who are underrepresented at the post-secondary level.

Policy Statement: 

As a provincial institute with a mandate to bring education to underrepresented groups and a focus on meaningful educational opportunities the tuition bursary program is intended to provide opportunities that might otherwise be unrealized. 


This policy applies to all JIBC degrees, diplomas and certificate programs and complements The Youth Education Assistance Fund (YEAF). 


For the purpose of this policy a youth in care is defined as an individual who is a resident of British Columbia and is living or has lived as a youth in care in British Columbia under one of the following conditions as defined by the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA): 

  • A Continuing Custody Order under Sections 41 (1) (d), 42.2 (4)(d), 42.2 (7), 49 (4), 49 (5), 49 (10) (a) or;
  • An Agreement with Youth under Section 12.2 or:
  • A Transfer of Custody Order Section 54.1.

Last updated April 24, 2018