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Policy Number
VP Academic
Board of Governors
Effective Date
June 27, 2002

Legislative Enabler(s):

The College and Institute Act

Subject to the Act, a Board may pass resolutions it considers necessary or advisable for the management and conduct of the affairs of the Board including, without limiting the power, resolutions for (a) the establishment of an executive committee and the delegation to it of powers of the Board, or (b) the calling and holding of meetings of the board or an executive committee and the procedure to be followed at meetings. [59 (5) (a&b)]

Policy Statement

All members of the Board of Governors hold the responsibility to be actively involved in the affairs and activities of the Board.

The Board will ensure they have an appropriate complement of executive officers to assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities.  Such complement may change from time-to-time depending upon the current needs of the Board.

Executive Limitations

At all times the Board shall operate with a Chair and Vice Chair elected by the Board.

Procedures, Roles and Responsibilities

Duties of the Chair
  1. Chairs the regular, in-camera, and special meetings of the Board of Governors
  2. Acts on behalf of the Board in liaison and linkages with President
  3. Represents, or designates a member to represent, the Board at public events and institute functions
  4. Serves as, or designates, the official spokesperson for the Board of Governors
  5. Appoints members and chair(s) of all Board sub-committees
  6. Creates ad hoc committees of the board as required
  7. Consults with the Vice Chair on institute matters
  8. Sets Board agenda
Duties of the Vice Chair
  1. Assists in setting the Board agenda
  2. Fulfills all duties of the Chair in his/her absence
  3. Consults with the Chair on current institute matters
Election of the Chair and Vice Chair
  1. Election of the Chair and Vice Chair will be held annually at the inaugural meeting of the Board.
  2. Elections will be presided over by the Bursar or Bursar’s designate.
  3. Written nominations for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair shall be sought at the last meeting of the board prior to the inaugural meeting, and further nominations shall be made to the bursar up to five days prior to the date of the meeting at which the elections are to be held.
  4. Any member of the Board may stand for nomination or may nominate any member of the Board but the Bursar must first gain the approval of each nominee before placing the name on the list of nominees.
  5. The list of nominees for each of the two positions shall be circulated to the members at least two days before the date of the meeting at which the elections are to be held.
  6. Ballot papers shall be forwarded to members with the agenda so that, if necessary, members may register an absentee vote.
  7. Unless the Board permits further nominations at the meeting, the Bursar shall conduct the elections which shall be by secret ballot.
  8. To be elected, a candidate requires a simple majority of the votes cast.  In the event no candidate obtains the necessary majority on the first ballot, the two candidates with the highest number of votes shall be eligible for the second ballot.
  9. In the event a second ballot is required absentee votes cast in favour of the two candidates concerned shall be counted.
  10. In the event of a tie vote on the second ballot, the tie shall be broken by lot.
  11. In the event that one nomination only is received for a position and the nominee is willing to serve, that nominee shall be declared as having been elected.
  12. The Chair will assume his/her position immediately upon election.
Roles and Responsibilities of the Board Members
  1. Attend all meetings of the Board but, when attendance is not possible, informs the office of the President by no later than noon on the day of the meeting if they are unable to attend or if they will be detained beyond the scheduled starting time
  2. Serve on Board sub-committees
  3. Represent the Board at special institute functions
  4. Elected members of the Board must notify the Board of any changes to their eligibility as members of the Board.