JIBC General Student Bursary

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JIBC Bursaries
Effective Date
January 26, 2006
June 03, 2024

The Justice Institute of British Columbia (“JIBC” or the “Institute”) recognizes that a lack of financial support may prevent some students from participating in programs offered by the Institute. Accordingly, a portion of tuition fee revenue is allocated to assist students in need.

Policy Statement

The Institute provides a limited number of bursaries to students with a demonstrated financial need and a commitment to a program of study offered by the Institute.

Annually, the Institute sets aside a portion of tuition fees to be awarded as bursaries in the following year to students who meet specified eligibility criteria. The number of bursaries is limited by the funds available for the current year.

The administration of bursaries is structured to maximize flexibility while adhering to legislation, public policy, and JIBC strategic plans.


This policy addresses only JIBC general bursaries that have been established from tuition fees. Bursaries and awards that have been established through the JIBC Foundation are covered by the Foundation’s policies.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of criteria that include confidential financial need disclosure by applicants. Accordingly, names of applicants for bursaries and recipients of bursaries are not publicized, nor, under any circumstances, released by JIBC without the applicants’ or recipients’ written permission.

JIBC’s Bursary Adjudication Committee decides on the awarding of all bursaries. Decisions of the Bursary Adjudication Committee are final.

All Bursary Adjudication Committee members identify all possible real and perceived conflicts of interest that may exist regarding individual bursary applicants.

Bursaries are normally applied directly to tuition fees through the Registration Office.


Bursary – a non-repayable grant awarded to a student who has demonstrated financial need to participate in their JIBC program of study.

Bursary Adjudication Committee – a group of individuals assembled and asked to determine the award recipients.

Registrar - The registrar of the Institute.


The procedures for the awarding of the JIBC General Student Bursary are set out in Procedure 3204-001.

Student Awareness

Students are required to make themselves aware of all JIBC policies and procedures. Lack of awareness of this or any other JIBC policy does not excuse a student from responsibility for their actions. 

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