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Policy Number
VP Academic
Program Council
Previous Name
Program Evaluation
Effective Date
February 24, 2005
March 03, 2021

The intent of this policy is to provide an objective and systematic method of program review to ensure continued improvement with respect to program quality and educational excellence consistent with the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (“JIBC” or the “Institute”) mandate, mission, values, and integrated plans.

Policy Statement

JIBC is committed to excellence in providing education to its students. Formal, systematic and timely review of programs ensures these programs meet expectations for educational excellence and student success.

  • JIBC ensures that all of its programs are current, relevant and of the highest quality by conducting Annual Reviews and Comprehensive Reviews.
  • Reviews are guided by the Institute’s mandate, values, mission, and integrated plans. Action plans resulting from review findings are integrated into Program Area and Institute-wide strategic and budgetary plans.
  • Reviews are evidence-informed and address a wide range of criteria and all aspects of the learning environment.
  • Reviews are relevant and meaningful for the specific program, and allow flexibility to accommodate particular program circumstances.
  • Annual Reviews are completed collaboratively by Program Areas. The focus is the current state of the program, and planning for continuous improvement. 
  • Comprehensive Reviews are forward-looking and formative, building from the findings and action plans developed during the Annual Reviews. They are collaborative, inclusive, and transparent processes. They provide the opportunity for consultation with stakeholders, including faculty/instructors, support staff, administrators, current students, past students and graduates, industry and community representatives, and employers.

This policy is applicable to all JIBC programs.


Accreditation - The process whereby the Institute demonstrates to an external regulatory body that a set of professional criteria have been met.

Annual Review - An annual assessment of select key performance indicators that assists a program in monitoring the state of teaching and learning, and addressing issues and opportunities in a continual and timely manner.

Board - The Board of Governors of the Institute.

Comprehensive Review - A reflective, in-depth formative assessment of a program, with input from internal and external reviewers, for the purpose of improving educational quality and the student experience.

Dean - The administrative head of a JIBC School. 

Director/Program Director - The administrative head of a JIBC program area.

Faculty - Staff selected to develop or advise on learning programs, teach students, conduct applied research and supervise practica. Faculty may include JIBC regular and sessional employees, employees seconded from other organizations, volunteers or contractors.

Manager - A person employed or engaged by JIBC who is responsible for managing one or more programs.

Program - A group of related courses, practica and evaluation activities designed to produce a meaningful, integrated set of learning outcomes.

Program Area - The portfolio of programs, courses, practica and evaluation activities for which a Director/Program Director is responsible. For the purpose of Program Review, Program Area is used to capture the body of work outside of students declared in a Program.

Program Council (PC) - Committee to which the Board has delegated some of the functions and responsibilities of an Education Council, as described in the Program Council Terms of Reference.

Program Council Terms of Reference - A document, approved by the Board, which describes, among other things, the functions and responsibilities of Program Council. 

Student - A person the Registrar recognizes as being enrolled in a course or program of studies at the Institute. 

Vice-President Academic (VPA) - The person responsible for all academic programs at the Institute.


The procedures for conducting program reviews under this Policy are set out in Procedure 3305-001.

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