Policy Development, Review and Cancellation

Procedure Number: 
Policy Number: 
Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Vice President, Academic
May 14, 2014
May 14, 2017
Procedure Statement: 
  1. Policy review will be scheduled annually. Decisions to move forward with policy cancellation will likely be made at this time. Ad hoc creation of new policies and review of policies may occur as a result of JIBC staff bringing the need for review to the attention of the appropriate Vice-President’s office.
  2. A proponent or a JIBC staff member must bring a completed Policy Development Impact Form request for a new policy; review to a current policy, or for cancellation of a policy to their Dean and the appropriate Vice-President’s office.
  3. The level of consultation and related activity will be determined as a result of assessment of the Impact Form.
  4. The Vice-President, Academic (VPA) office, in consultation with the Vice-President, Finance & Administration (VPFA) office, will coordinate the policy review, development or cancellation with the proponent throughout the process.
  5. Consultation must occur prior to the policy moving forward for feedback and approval. It is highly recommended that ongoing consultation occur throughout the process.
    a.  There will be those policies, as identified on the Impact Form, which may require very little or no consultation. The proponent and VPA and VPFA offices may by-pass the consultation stage and move the policy forward in the approval process.
  6. All policies in the consultation and development stage will need to submit a draft policy/procedure to the VPA office upon completion of the consultation activity. All versions of the policy will be housed in the VPA office until approved.
  7. The VPA office will re-draft policies for the various stages of the approval process. The final approved version will be housed in the VPFA office.
  8. Policies will then move to either Program Council (PC) or VPAC for feedback and recommendation for approval. All VPA/VPFA policies are categorized into functional areas and will require feedback and approval with either PC or VPAC. However, both councils may be asked to provide feedback.
  9. All policies, new, revised and cancelled, are approved at the Board of Governors. Procedures are approved at VPAC. Any redrafting will be completed by the VPA office.
  10. All approved policies, including cancelled policies, will then be communicated prior to implementation. (See Communication Plan Form)

Last updated August 11, 2015