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Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Senior Management Council
June 11, 2013
August 6, 2015
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This procedure communicates the eligibility criteria and the process for acquiring an institute paid Mobile Device, as per the Corporate Mobile Device Policy. It includes procedures for acquisition and appropriate use of mobility devices including all cell phones, smartphones, tablets and other devices that connects to mobility networks here after referred to a Mobile Device(s).


As per the Corporate Mobile Device Policy, these procedures apply to all employees (including sessional employees) required by their School or Division to have a Mobile Device.  It covers new, replacement and renewals of Mobile Devices, associated mobility plans and includes Wi-Fi only devices.


Mobile Device: shall mean any and all smartphones including Blackberry, Apple, Android or Windows devices, Aircards, Rocket Sticks, cellular phones, pagers, tablets or similar communication devices that require a data or voice plan with the JIBC mobility vendor or that are Wi-Fi enabled.  This definition also includes any approved accessories.

Usage plans:  subscription plans and their options negotiated by JIBC with external vendors to provide cellular phone service and data connectivity on Mobile Devices.

Cell Phone Administrator: Is the person identified within the School or Division that is responsible for coordinating activities around Mobile Devices for their area. It is typically the Administrative Supervisor that has this role but not always. This person will provide ongoing information regarding the bill or if additional plans are required for data/voice when travelling. In addition, this role will oversee and centrally administers the requests to Technology Services for acquisition, ordering, and related processes having to do with Mobile Devices.

Corporate Mobile Plan Administrator: is the person in Technology Services that is responsible for coordinating activities around Mobile Devices and the liaison with Telus Mobility and the approved TELUS Mobility Provider.  This person will place the orders with the mobility provider, make changes and additions to the accounts and set up the new device for the end user, providing some device/plan education.  This person will also gather monthly invoice information for Accounts Payable and the Divisions and analyses monthly reports with suggestions to the Divisions on cost savings when they are found. They will also follow-up with Telus regarding possible wrongful charges when the Cell Phone Administrator is unavailable.

Criteria and Procedure

1.  Criteria for Acquiring Mobile Device

The following criteria are to be used when approving or rejecting Mobile Devices and accessory requests. All Mobile Devices approved and used by an employee will be tracked in the JIBC inventory and are to be returned when employment ends.

1.1  Mobile Device Acquisition Criteria:

No employee will be provided a Mobile Device unless the following criteria are met:

  • Employee is off campus during regular business hours as part of their regular duties;
  • Employee’s job requires them to be available outside regular business hours for business emergencies (e.g. Facilities issues, technology outages, situations involving students, etc.);
  • Employee is away from their desk or office (while working) for considerable periods of time, and the resulting lack of communication impacts their ability to perform their work;
  • Employee needs mobile communication where it’s a critical component of the JIBC standard operational safety guidelines.

1.2  Non-standard Device Acquisition Criteria:

For more information please contact the Corporate Mobile Plan Administrator in Technology Services.

2.  Approval Levels

If the above criteria are met, the following approvals are required to obtain a Mobile Device:

User Recommended By Approval By

All staff below Director or Associate Dean

Director or Associate Dean Dean

Director or Associate Dean

VP or Dean (as appropriate) VP
VP or Dean VP or Dean President
President VP Finance & Administration VP Finance & Administration


The online Mobile Device Request or Mobile Device Management Form is required to be submitted by Cell Phone Administrator to process an order.

3.   Mobile Device Standards

Technology Services will define JIBC approved Mobile Devices, software, and usage plans. These standards will be created so that the models and plans offered meet the JIBC’s security needs and varied business needs.

In addition, Technology Services, in collaboration with the Senior Management Council (SMC), will maintain the criteria for acquisition of JIBC approved Mobile Devices, and devices/accessories that exceed the base models offered.

4.   Guidelines for Purchasing Hardware

Appropriate approval (section 2) is required before any device is ordered.

  • Only JIBC approved mobile devices, related accessories, and usage plans will be issued.
  • Replacement mobile devices should be compatible with existing accessories, when possible.
  • Hardware, accessories, and usage plans will be arranged and purchased through the Cell Phone Administrator.

5.  Personal Use of Mobile Device & Related Costs

Employees are responsible for knowing their mobility package costs as outlined in the JIBC Mobility Plan. Charges associated with using a company provided Mobile Device for personal communications, including text messages, email and voice calling, will count towards the monthly consumption limit. Therefore, personal use of a company provided Mobile Device should be minimized. Any overages of the monthly plans resulting from personal use must be refunded to the JIBC.

When on vacation it is recommended that the employee have an associate cover their account, unless pre-approved in writing otherwise the JIBC will not pay phone charges including data when traveling out of the country on vacation.  If the employee is traveling with a JIBC issued hand-held Mobile Device, the cell phone administrator must be contacted and data must be shut off before traveling out of the country or a roaming package added.

In the event that personal use of devices incurs additional costs to JIBC, employees will reimburse the JIBC. Each month the employee will receive a statement of usage for their device, any personal usage that incurs more than the standard monthly rate, the employee shall print the statement, attach a cheque for the amount and send to their Cell Phone Administrator for coding.

Note:  JIBC will not reimburse the employees for using their personal mobile devices for company business.

6.  Security

Security is of particular importance with mobile technology, as each device is a point of access to the JIBC.

All Mobile Devices must be appropriately secured to prevent sensitive data from being compromised, reduce the risk of spreading viruses, and mitigate the risk of inappropriate use of the Justice Institute’s computing infrastructure.

•   Choose a strong password: If your Mobile Device is lost or stolen, a device password may be all that prevents someone from reading your email and other sensitive data. The policy above forces you to set a password of 4 characters; however Technology Services recommends that you enhance the strength of your password, if possible, by using 6 characters.

 •   Regularly back up data: Be sure to have a backup copy of any necessary data in case your mobile device is lost, damaged or wiped.

•   Promptly report a lost or stolen device: A device can be remotely deactivated thus preventing email or other sensitive data from being exposed. Report all lost or stolen devices to the TS Service Desk at 604.528.5900 and change your email password in order to prevent unauthorized use of the device. The device owner will be held responsible should any JIBC data be compromised as a result of the loss.

•   Return all retired devices and accessories to the Corporate Mobile Plan Administrator.

7.  Safety

Employees with Mobile Devices will act in accordance with municipal, provincial, and federal laws regarding the use of such devices while operating powered vehicles and equipment. Tickets or fines received while driving are to be paid by the employee.

Employees will not hold or operate a cell phone or smartphone while operating a moving powered vehicle or piece of equipment. Employees must safely park their vehicle out of the traffic flow before using a cell phone or smartphone.

8.    Responsibilities

8.1  Technology Services Responsibilities:

Establishing and maintaining a list of current JIBC approved list of Mobile Devices and usage plans, authoring procedural documents that define the acquisition, renewal, inventory process, cost and usage auditing, security usage standards, and general administration of mobile devices.

8.2  VP/Dean/ Director Responsibilities:

Responsible for approving or declining all requests for new or replacement mobile devices based on the criteria provided in this procedure and the associated Corporate Mobile Policy.

8.3  The Cell Phone Administrator’s Responsibilities:

Responsible for handling the purchasing, acquisition, replacement, invoicing, inventory, usage plans, and general administration of Mobile Devices. They are also responsible for ensuring monthly charges in excess of plan are communicated to the individual as well as the Dean or Director as appropriate.

8.4  Corporate Mobile Plan Administrator’s Responsibilities:

The Corporate Mobile Plan Administrator is responsible for handling the purchase, acquisition, replacement, repair, invoicing, inventory, usage, for the JIBC.

8.5  Employees’ Responsibilities:   

 Employees with JIBC issued Mobile Devices are responsible for:

•   Complying with Corporate Mobile Device Policy and any procedural documents issued by Technology Services;
•   Being familiar with the usage plan assigned to their device, and using their device in such a manner so as to avoid unnecessary extra billing;
•   Reimbursing JIBC for any additional costs due to personal use of their Mobile Device;
•   Showing due care for JIBC issued Mobile Devices in their possession. Any loss or damage will be at the employees cost.
•   Provincial driving laws to be followed accordingly.

9.   Mobile Device Requests

a)      Requesting a new, renewal or replacement device:

•  Use the online form, the Mobile Device Administrator (Administrative Supervisor or alternate) will order the device as per the policy.

•   If the device requested, incurs additional expense, approval will be required as per Section 2.

•   Additional accessories will be purchased by the individual, with appropriate approval for the expense.

b)      Cancel, suspend or reinstate a device:

•   Use the online form to request Mobile Device be put on vacation, disconnect, cancel or reinstate.

•    If the cancellation of a Mobile Device is to incur additional expenses to the Division/School, approval will be required as per Section 2.

10.   Exemption

Any exemptions from the Mobile Device Policy and procedures must be granted in writing and signed by appropriate level as defined in Section 2.

11.    Noncompliance

As per the Corporate Mobile Device Policy, breaches of this Policy may be subject to the full range of disciplinary and other formal actions up to and including dismissal. In addition to any other sanctions that JIBC may levy in the event of a violation, JIBC may withdraw computing privileges and network access. 

Last updated August 6, 2015