Conflict of Interest

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Vice-President, Academic
Vice President, Academic
November 17, 2009
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September 10, 2014
September 10, 2016
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NOTE:  This procedure is consistent with the Tri-Council Policy Statement TCPS2: Chapter 7 Conflicts of Interest.

Justice of British Columbia’s (JIBC) Conflicts of Interest and Standards of Ethical Conduct Procedure applies to members of the Research Ethics Board (REB) and to researchers engaged in research under the sponsorship of JIBC. The REB will act in a transparent manner in addressing conflicts of interest.

1.     Institutions and Conflicts of Interest

Institutions shall develop and implement conflict of interest policies including procedures to identify, eliminate, minimize or otherwise manage conflicts of interest that may affect research.

Institutions should ensure that real, potential or perceived institutional conflicts of interest that may affect research are reported to the REB through established conflict of interest mechanisms. The REB shall consider whether the institutional conflict of interest should be disclosed to prospective participants as part of the consent process. Any member of an institution, a senior administrator, researcher, REB member or any other individual who is aware of potential sources of institutional conflicts of interest that may affect research should refer to the institutional policy for the appropriate steps to inform the REB.

2.     REB Members and Conflicts of Interest

If the REB is reviewing an application in which a member of the REB has a personal interest in the outcome, normal conflict of interest principles apply.  The member must declare his/her personal interest and either remain neutral or not attend when the REB is discussing or reviewing the case.  In cases of disagreement over conflicts of interest, the REB member in potential conflict and the Chair (or Co Chairs) of the REB will meet with the Dean, Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies or her/his delegate to discuss the matter and determine how best to proceed.

3.    Researchers and Conflicts of Interest

Researchers must disclose to the REB real, perceived or potential individual conflicts of interest, as well as any institutional conflicts of interest of which they are aware that may have an impact on their research.

Last updated June 23, 2015