Multi-Jurisdictional Research

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Vice-President, Academic
Vice President, Academic
November 17, 2009
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October 2, 2012
September 2, 2016
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NOTE:  This procedure is consistent with the Tri-Council Policy Statement TCPS2 Chapter 8, Multi-jurisdictional Research.

1.     Adoption of Alternative Review Models is an Institutional Responsibility

Partner institutions that have established a Research Ethics Board (REB) or equivalent, may define specific review models for research involving multiple REB institutions, in accordance with these procedures.

The JIBC and its partner institutions remain responsible for the ethical acceptability of research undertaken within its jurisdiction or under its auspices, regardless of the model adopted for multi-jurisdictional review of any given research project.

2.     Adoption of a Review Model Relevant to the Research Project is a Shared Responsibility between Researchers and REB’s

Researchers and the REB will work together to determine which review model is the most appropriate for proposed research involving multiple institutions and REB’s.

a.  Research conducted under the auspices of a Canadian research institution and conducted outside its jurisdiction, whether elsewhere in Canada or outside Canada, shall undergo prospective ethics review both by the REB at the Canadian institution under whose auspices the research is being conducted and by the REB or similar body, where such exists, at the collaborating institution(s) in the host research site.

b.  Where research conducted under the auspices of a Canadian research institution and performed in whole or in part outside Canada is covered by an ethics review model involving multiple institutions, REB’s consistent with this Policy, the terms of that model apply.

When conducting research outside the jurisdiction of their home institution, whether at a site in Canada or abroad, researchers will provide their home REB’s with:

a.  The relevant information on the rules governing human research and the ethics review requirements at the host site.

b.  The names and contact information for the relevant REB’s or comparable ethics bodies, if known, that will review the proposal at the host site.

c.  Relevant information about the target populations and circumstances that might have a bearing on the ethical review by the researcher’s home REB.

Where a review model involving multiple institutions and REB’s is in place, the information to be provided to the home REB will be determined by the provisions of that model.

Last updated July 30, 2015