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Procedure Number
Policy Number
VP Academic
Board of Governors
Effective Date
December 11, 2013
Procedure Statement


1.  The Institute’s copyright function will be located in and coordinated by the Library.

2.  The Institute will establish the related institutional resources and administrative tools needed to support an effective copyright program, including a central copyright website, information circulars and guidelines, business processes and workflows, record-keeping and reporting systems, information technology systems and the means to measure and evaluate the quantity, value, and effectiveness of copyright licensing.

3.  The Institute will manage an institute-wide copyright program through a copyright librarian, who will provide leadership, and coordinate and help administer the following copyright activities:

  • Permissions and complaints
  • Advisory service
  • Education, training and outreach, and
  • Policy and planning

4.  The Institute will encourage and promote using alternatives to reduce the reliance on copyright protected works through Library subject guides and educational sessions.

5.  The Institute will place ACCC Fair Dealing Guidelines posters near copiers to inform employees, students and contractors of acceptable copying practices.

6.  The Institute’s Copyright Committee will address issues and practices related to use of external copyrighted material by members of the JIBC community, and to ownership of copyright (for materials produced by JIBC employees).

7.  The Library will maintain all records of copyright clearances, permissions, and licenses for materials used in Institute business.

8.  Ares course reserves/copyright tracking system will be used in all JIBC courses to make course readings accessible to online and face-to-face students. The Library will coordinate the use of Ares, and will provide education and guidance to employees, while monitoring all submissions for copyright compliance.


Employees and contractors:

  • will attend a Library orientation/copyright session to learn about copyright and using alternatives such as articles from licensed databases and open source resources.
  • will ensure that all types of resources they use in their work for the purpose of creation, publication, distribution, performance, exhibition or projection must meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • The material is free of copyright restrictions.
    • The intended use is covered by fair dealing, educational exceptions, a licensing agreement, or by written approval from the copyright owner.
  • who produce publicly available content will ensure that all materials used are free of copyright or have the necessary permissions e.g. marketing and communication materials, including JIBC website.
  • are responsible for initiating the process of clearing copyright through the Library and providing sources for all works submitted for copyright clearance.
  • will not use institute equipment, services or other resources to infringe copyright.
  • will ensure that material sent to the Print Shop and Technology Services for reproduction does not contain any third-party material for which they have not received permission to copy or does not fall under the Fair Dealing Guidelines.

Any deliberate breach of the JIBC Copyright Policy and Procedure may lead to disciplinary action.

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