Corrections & Court Services Division provides the education and training for staff and professionals who serve essential roles in the justice system in B.C. and across Canada.

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Areas of Expertise

The Corrections & Court Services Division, through the Corrections Academy, provides basic training, ongoing development, and leadership training to Adult Correctional Officers and Adult Probation Officers who work with adult and young offenders in provincial institutional and community settings, to manage the risk they pose to the public and support their rehabilitation.

The Sheriff Academy develops and delivers training for Sheriff Services in the province of B.C. providing Sheriff Recruit Training, Advanced Sheriff Training, and Threat Management Training & Education.

In the field of Youth Justice, Youth Probation Officers and Youth Supervisors are trained to work with youth offenders in institutional and community settings.

The Corrections & Court Services Division educates Family Justice Counsellors to assist families experiencing separation and divorce.

Our Approach to Learning

Emphasis on Critical Skills and Knowledge

For those whose lives are routinely at risk and those who work to keep communities safe.

Learning Linked to Employers and the Community
Strong connections to ensure that programs are current and relevant.

Collaborative Approach
Work with other educational partners to serve specific regions and specialized markets.

Expert Faculty and Course Designers
A unique instructional model emphasizing faculty drawn from active, experienced, justice and public safety professionals.

Flexible Delivery
Face to face training, online, distance education, or a blended approach – whatever is most appropriate for the client’s situation.

Contact Us

You can reach the Corrections & Court Services Division at:


Vancouver area

Canada & USA only 


Corrections & Court Services Division
Justice Institute of British Columbia
715 McBride Boulevard 
New Westminster, BC
V3L 5T4 

Court Administration

Registration in court administration courses is restricted to employees of the Ministry of Justice's Court Services Branch. Currently, courses within the Centre for Court Administration are under review.

Employment opportunities within Court Administration can be found on the BC Government MyHR website.


Community Justice

Professionals who work with offenders in community settings, managing the risk they pose to the public and supporting their rehabilitation. Community justice also involves working with families experiencing separation
and divorce, as well as educating individuals for supervisory roles.


Corrections Academy educates professionals who work with adult offenders in provincial institutional settings, as well as helping to produce superior candidates for a range of investigation and law enforcement occupations.


The Sheriff Academy is one of the founding members of the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Our primary mandate is to develop and deliver training for Sheriff Services in the province of BC.

Last updated July 6, 2018