The Justice Institute of British Columbia (“JIBC”) encourages open dialogue and wants to hear your views and insights via our social media channels. We also want to provide an open, safe, and respectful space for engagement and feedback.

By using our social media accounts, users agree to the following Terms of Use, which are subject to change without notice.  Failure to follow the Terms of Use may result in posts or comments being deleted and/or users being blocked from all JIBC social media accounts.


Posts and comments on JIBC social media accounts must not contain any inappropriate content, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • obscenities.
  • hateful, offensive, discriminatory, violent, sexual and/or otherwise graphic content.
  • content that displays a risk of physical harm or disregard for public or personal safety; may encourage unsafe or dangerous practices or acts; or may instill fear.
  • content that promotes or incites hatred or violence; criminal, harmful or illegal activities; bullying; or physical, emotional, psychological, or moral harm.
  • content containing personal attacks or any form of personal discrimination.
  • content that, gratuitously or without merit, negatively reflects on the character, integrity, or reputation of a person or an organization; demeans, denigrates, shames or disparages a person or organization, or brings them into public contempt or ridicule; or otherwise violates JIBC’s respectful workplace policies.
  • content that is cruel or insensitive, undermines human dignity or displays conduct or attitudes that offend the standards of public decency violates community standards, or is offensive to the moral standards of the community.
  • content that is illegal or encourages illegal activities, including, without limitation, defamation, fraud, breaching privacy, copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • content that discloses or purports to disclose personal or private information about another person, including, but not limited to, a JIBC employee, faculty member, member of the Board of Governors, or other member of the JIBC community.
  • Repetitive or off-topic content, or multiple posts by someone using more than one account;
  • lobbying for political or other purposes;
  • advertisements or solicitations on behalf of individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, or any other organizations.
  • content that falsely claims to represent a person or organization; and
  • content that may be harmful to the interests or reputation of any other organization with which JIBC is associated. 


JIBC reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to:

  • delete posts and/or content that violate the Terms of Use; and/or
  • block a user from, or otherwise restrict the ability of a user to post on, any or all JIBC social media accounts, for repeated non-compliance with the Terms of Use on any one social media site, or a serious one-time violation.

The above is in addition to any rights existing at law, including, without limitation, with respect to libel, slander, breach of privacy, bullying/harassment, trademark, or copyright infringement, which may be advanced by any person about whom comments may be about through a court of competent jurisdiction.


Please protect everyone’s privacy. Do not post anyone’s personal information including, without limitation:

  • name, email address, phone number, or address.
  • identifying particulars, such as a picture of someone's face if you do not have their permission.
  • personal details, such as birthdate, relationship status, or family status.
  • criminal, health, employment, financial or personal history; or
  • identifying numbers.


Please consider the following:

  • JIBC liking, following, retweeting, messaging, or sharing of content should not be interpreted as any kind of endorsement.
  • JIBC does not guarantee a response to questions or comments received.
  • When you engage on JIBC social media accounts, you are always subject to the host website’s Terms of Use (FacebookInstagramLinkedIn Twitter) in addition to the Terms of Use stated here.
  • JIBC is not responsible for any personal information or other information posted on public social media accounts. All personal information on public accounts is considered a record available to the public.


If you have any suggestions or new ideas for JIBC on social media or if you have questions or concerns about JIBC’s social media activities or the Terms of Use, please email