Creating gender-inclusive campuses for students, staff, faculty and visitors is a priority for JIBC. It’s in keeping with our vision of safer communities and a more just society.

Increasingly, we are aware of transgender (T), non-binary (NB) and two-spirit (TS) students enrolled in our programs. JIBC has a long history of working with and supporting diversity, and we hope to further build on this foundation.

We’ve put together registration resources for transgender, non-binary and two-spirit students as well as access to gender-inclusive washrooms. There is also helpful information for all on how to be an ally, and gender identity definitions and concepts.


If your formal legal name is on JIBC’s official records (e.g. transcripts, diplomas, or student card) and you wish to be known by a different or preferred name, you can make this request through the Registrar’s office.

Your preferred name will be used on class lists and any courses you take online. Preferred name changes will be documented in your official academic record and kept on file while you are enrolled and after graduation. Your legal name will be used on transcripts and diplomas.

To have your name changed on your diploma after graduation, you will be required to order a replacement diploma.

Documents that require a legal name change at JIBC include official letters, transcripts and diplomas.


You can now change your sex designation on your student records. Currently, the JIBC student information system only has two sex designation options available, “M” or “F.”

We are working towards having more options for gender declaration shortly.

Please contact the Registrar’s office to request a change to your sex designation.


  • Honour and use the language a transgender, gender non-binary and two-spirit individual uses to self-identify

  • Don’t assume an individual’s pronouns (e.g. “he” or “she”). If you don’t know what pronouns to use, just ask.

  • Understand that gender identity is private information, and everyone has the right to share only that which they choose. Respect privacy and confidentiality.

  • Support respectful inclusion, not just tolerance. Sharing space and behaving respectfully does not require that you need to understand or agree.

  • Don’t tolerate discriminatory remarks or behaviour.


Learn about JIBC Gender Inclusive Washrooms
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