writing support: 

online and in-person (CL123-New West Campus)

Contact us:  writingcentre@jibc.ca

Writing skills are integral to your success as a JIBC student.  From literature reviews to research papers, writing a thesis to APA Style formatting, the Writing Centre Facilitator or a peer tutor can help you improve your writing skills and develop confidence about your writing abilities.  A variety of writing supports are available to students in all JIBC programs on all JIBC campuses.


Drop-In Schedule (15 mins) - Sept 20 to dec 10, 2021

(No appointment necessary)


11 am to 1 pm (online & in-person)
Tuesday 12 noon to 2 pm (online)


3 pm to 5 pm (online & in-person)
Thursday 3 pm to 5 pm (online)
Friday 11 am to 1 pm (online & in-person)

DROP IN  OR Drop by Room CL123 at New Westminster Campus

Note: Tutors may not be able to fully review longer papers in the one-hour session. For a full review of your writing assignment, we encourage you to submit your drafts to the Writing Centre by emailing writingcentre@jibc.ca.

ONLINE Academic writing workshops: 12 noon to 1 pm

(No pre-registration required)

Tues Nov 16th Introduction to the Writing Process & Thesis Statements
Wed Nov 17th Researching a Topic (by Darcye from the JIBC Library)
Thurs Nov 18th The Quick & Easy Way to Draft Your Research Paper
Tues Nov 23rd Direct Quotations, Paraphrasing & Punctuation

ATTEND A workshop

ONLINE apa 7th edition WORKSHOP:  FOrmat YOUR PAPER, CITE YOUR SOURCES & create a references list

(hosted by the writing centre & library)

(No pre-registration required)

Tues Sept 21st  12 noon to 1 pm
Wed Sept 29th  12 noon to 1 pm 
Wed Sept 29th  6 pm to 7 pm
Thurs Oct 7th  12 noon to 1 pm
Wed Nov 24th  12 noon to 1 pm
Thurs Nov 25th  12 noon to 1 pm


Attend an APA Workshop


The Writing Centre is staffed by the Writing Centre Facilitator and up to five peer tutors. Tutors are current JIBC students with strong writing skills and formal training who work with other JIBC students to provide writing support and feedback on their assignments.  All Writing Centre services are available online and in-person.

How Can The Writing Centre Help Me?
•    Academic Writing: essays, research papers, literature reviews, research proposals, annotated bibliographies, thesis statements, and more
•    Grammar and Punctuation
•    Style & Format: main ideas, overall structure, paragraphing, transitions and flow, conciseness, specificity, clarity, and more
•    Citation: how to introduce and credit your sources in your writing to avoid plagiarism

The Writing Centre Does Not: 
•    Edit or proofread papers
•    Provide ideas for research or supporting topics 
•    Perform research
•    Comment on grades
•    Edit APA Reference lists

For help with APA Reference lists contact the JIBC Library at library@jibc.ca 

Want to be a part of the JIBC Writing Centre?

Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator for more information: writingcentre@jibc.ca

The Writing Centre allows students to have a peer tutor review their writing assignments and receive personalized feedback. Tutors can help a student improve their academic writing skills, answer writing concerns and questions, and provide personal feedback on writing assignments. This service is available to all current JIBC students, whether they are in an online program or at a regional campus. Turnaround time depends on which type of service you choose. Check the Writing Centre Policies for details.

There are 3 ways to get help:

Drop In: a first come, first serve 15-20 minute assignment review (online or in-person)

Online Peer Review: review and feedback of assignment through email

Peer Tutor Session: a scheduled one hour meeting with a peer tutor (online or in-person for immediate feedback)

Drop-iN - hoW it works

No appointment necessary for a 15-20 minute review of your paper.  Note that a review of your full paper is often not possible during Drop In sessions. If you would like a fuller review, submit your assignment to the Writing Centre's Online Peer Review service or schedule a Peer Tutor Session

Check the schedule above for Drop-In hours.


 Email writingcentre@jibc.ca with the following information:

  • Your name, program, and course name and number
  • Assignment guidelines as detailed in the syllabus or assignment outline
  • Assignment due date
  • An explanation of the type of writing help you need
  • Don’t forget to attach your draft to the email!
    • Word Document or PDF Format
  • Allow 2 to 4 business days for feedback 


 Email writingcentre@jibc.ca with the above information and include three dates and times that work for you to meet with a tutor. 

Peer Tutor Sessions must be scheduled by the student in advance. Scheduled sessions are one hour and take place in the Writing Centre or on Blackboard Collaborate. Time slots are available between the hours of  8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.  You will get feedback on your paper within the appointment time.

If you would like a tutor to review your assignment at a Peer Tutor Session, please send your assignment to the Writing Centre at least two days prior to your session for your tutor to review.


Writing centre Policies:

  • Assignment review requests response times:
    • Papers are responded to Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm.
    • Papers submitted on Friday after 5 pm will be held in the queue until Monday before being sent to a tutor.
    • Papers are not reviewed on weekends or holidays.
    • Requests are answered on a first-come / first-serve basis.
      • Rush requests are not bumped ahead. Please submit your request sooner rather than later.
  • Plan ahead:
    • Online Peer Review Requests may take 2 to 4 business days to be reviewed and returned.
      • Turnaround time depends on length of paper and time of term.
      • Longer papers and busy times of term will result in longer turnaround times.
    • Peer Tutor Sessions provide feedback within the appointment time.
    • Students submitting papers of more than 15 pages* should indicate particular sections that they would like reviewed
      •  *15 pages excluding title page and references
      •   *Tutors cannot provide feedback on a full paper of >15 pages
    • If a request is missing information, it will be delayed. You will be notified if your request is missing information.
  • Tutor times:
    • A tutor will spend up to one hour reviewing each assignment.
    • Papers will be reviewed a maximum of two times. Tutors will spend 30 minutes on a second review.  
  • Submissions must be a writing assignment for a JIBC class.
  • Students may submit up to two separate writing assignments per week for Online Peer Review. 
  • Students may schedule one one-hour session per week for a Peer Tutor Session.

Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator for more information - writingcentre@jibc.ca  


The Writing Centre Facilitator can assist in short writing skills workshops for students which can be delivered during class time. Additional supports and services, such as developing Writing Tip Sheets or hosting assignment-specific drop-in sessions, are also available.

Email:  writingcentre@jibc.ca

The JIBC Writing Centre offers support to students with questions regarding APA Style. The Writing Centre follows APA 7th Edition and provides advice based on the Student Paper, as outlined in the APA Publication Manual (2020), Section 1.10.

Students are encouraged to consult with their instructors for specific assignment criteria.

The Writing Centre supports students with:

  • APA format: elements of paper, including title page layout, abstracts, keywords, font, line spacing, characters, margins, length, and organization of sections and formatting of headings, including tables and figures.
  • In-text citations: parenthetical citations, narrative citations, over-citation, and identifying how to incorporate in-text citations within a paper.
  • Take a look at this Guide:  Formatting Your Paper

For support with reference lists: contact the JIBC Library at library@jibc.ca 

For Additional Help With APA STyle

Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator (writingcentre@jibc.ca) or visit the JIBC Library.

The JIBC Library

The JIBC APA Guide

​​​​The JIBC Writing Centre helps students improve their writing skills and navigate the writing process.  In collaboration with the JIBC Library, writing tip sheets and web resources are here:   WRITING SKILLS GUIDE 

On this Guide, you will find help with writing annotated bibliographies, book reviews, essays, literature reviews, and, thesis statements.  In addition, tips for punctuation, grammar, and note-taking are included.

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