The Writing Centre, CL123, New West Campus


Writing skills are integral to your success as a JIBC student.  From essays to research papers, writing a thesis to APA format, the Writing Centre Facilitator, or a peer tutor can help you improve your writing skills and develop confidence about your writing abilities.  A variety of writing supports are available to students in all JIBC programs on all JIBC campuses.

The 10-Step Writing Process

Drop In Writing Support Schedule

Drop-In Writing Support hours are closed for the summer. Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator at to schedule a one-hour online session with a tutor.

Click here 

Note: Tutors may not be able to fully review longer papers in the one-hour session. For a full review of your writing assignment, we encourage you to submit your drafts to the writing centre by emailing

Academic writing workshops

For information on the Winter 2021 APA Style Workshops

Click here for the academic writing workshops

The Peer Writing Support Service allows students to have a peer tutor review their writing assignments and receive personalized feedback. Tutors can help a student improve their academic writing skills, answer writing concerns and questions, and provide personal feedback on writing assignments. This service is available to all current JIBC students, whether they are in an online program or at a regional campus. Students will receive feedback on their assignments by email in as little as two business days.

The Peer Writing Support Program offers 2 ways to assist students with their writing assignments:

Online Peer Review: review and feedback of assignment through email, or 

Peer Tutor Session: a one hour face-to-face meeting with a peer tutor, (see below for more information)

To submit a writing assignment for an online peer review

 Email with the following information:

  • Your name, program, and course name and number
  • Assignment guidelines as detailed in the syllabus or assignment outline
  • Assignment due date
  • An explanation of what type of writing support you need (what do you need help with?)
  • Don’t forget to attach your draft to the email!
    • Word Document or PDF Format 

To Request a Session With a Peer Tutor

 Email with the above information and include three dates and times that work for you to meet with a tutor. 

Peer Tutor Sessions are scheduled for one hour. They must be scheduled between Monday - Friday, 8am -- 6pm, and take place in the Writing Centre or on Blackboard Collaborate. These sessions must involve a writing assignment.

If you wish for a tutor to review your assignment at a Peer Tutor Session, we ask that you send your assignment to the Writing Centre at least two days prior to your session for your tutor to review.

Due to COVID-19, tutor sessions will take place only on  Blackboard Collaborate. Email for more information.

Peer Writing Support Service Policies:

  • Requests will only be responded to Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.
    • Papers submitted on Friday after 5pm will be held in the queue until Monday before being sent to a tutor.
  • Requests may take up to 2 business days to be reviewed and returned.
    • If a request is missing information, it will be delayed. The Writing Centre Facilitator will notify you if your request is missing information.
  • A tutor will spend up to one hour reviewing each assignment. If an assignment is re-submitted for a second review, a tutor will spend half an hour reviewing the assignment. 
  • Requests for review are responded to in chronological order based on time and date of the submission. 
  • Papers are not reviewed on weekends or statuary holidays.
  • Submissions must be an assignment for a JIBC class.
  • Students may submit up to three separate writing assignments per week for Online Peer Review. 
  • Students may schedule one one-hour session per week for a Peer Tutor Session.

Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator for more information -  


The JIBC Writing Centre offers support to students with questions regarding APA Style. The Writing Centre follows APA 7th Edition and provides students advice based on the Student Paper, as outlined in the APA Publication Manual (2020), Section 1.10.

Students are encouraged to consult with their instructors for specific assignment criteria.

The Writing Centre supports students with:

  • APA Format: elements of paper, including title page layout, abstracts, keywords, font, line spacing, characters, margins, length, organization of sections and formatting of headings, and including tables and figures
  • In-text citations: parenthetical citations, narrative citations, overcitation, and identifying what sentences would require an in-text citation

For support with reference list: contact the JIBC Library at 

For Additional Help With APA STyle

 Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator or visit the JIBC Library.

The JIBC Library:

The JIBC APA Guide:

During drop-in hours, students don’t need an appointment to meet with a tutor. These sessions are first-come, first-serve, so wait listing may occur and sessions may be capped at 15-20 minutes. Drop-In hours will be announced on Blackboard and posted on the bulletin board beside the Writing Centre. Drop-in hours will take place in the Writing Centre, CL123, and online on Blackboard Collaborate.

Due to COVID-19, Drop-In sessions will take place only on  Blackboard Collaborate, (wait listing may occur). Check above for the Drop-In schedule or email for more information.

Please note that during drop-in hours, tutors may not be available to fully review your assignment. If you would like to ensure your assignment is reviewed in full, please submit your assignment to the Peer Writing Support's Online Peer Review service or schedule a session with a tutor. 

These free workshops are open to all students on a first come, first-serve basis. Topics include Academic Writing, Thesis Development, APA Format, and The Quick and Easy Way to Write a Research Paper. Information on Academic Writing Workshops will be announced on Blackboard and posted on the bulletin board outside the Writing Centre.

Due to COVID-19, these workshops will be hosted through Blackboard Collaborate.


The Writing Centre Facilitator can assist in short writing skills workshops for students which can be delivered during class time. Additional supports and services, such as developing learning aids or hosting assignment-specific drop-in sessions, can also be available depending on the Instructor’s needs.

The Writing Centre is staffed by the Writing Centre Facilitator and up to five peer tutors. Tutors are current JIBC students who possess strong writing skills and formal training that work with students to provide writing support and feedback on their assignments.

What can the Writing Centre tutors help me with?

  • Academic Writing: essays, research papers, literature reviews, research proposals, annotated bibliographies, thesis statements, and more
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Style & Format: main ideas, overall structure, paragraphing, transitions and flow, conciseness, specificity, clarity, reader access, and more
  • Citation: how to introduce and credit your sources in your writing to avoid plagiarism

Tutors do not help with:

  • Editing or proofreading services
  • Providing ideas for research or supporting topics 
  • Research
  • Commenting on grades
  • APA References

For support APA References: contact the JIBC Library at 

Want to be a part of the JIBC Writing Centre?

Contact the Writing Centre Facilitator for more information: