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This award acknowledges significant contributions made to JIBC by individuals other than faculty and staff.



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Dian Patterson

Dian is employed at BC Housing and her association with JIBC began as early as 2008 when she approached the Centre for Conflict Resolution to deliver training for the learners of the Essential Skills for Aboriginal Futures (ESAF) program, an Indigenous employment initiative sponsored by ACCESS.

Since then, her relationship with JIBC has grown, most notably with the partnership which began in 2012 between BC Housing’s Leadership and Learning division and JIBC’s Centre for Leadership. JIBC won the RFP to develop and deliver the Competencies in Leadership Integrated Program (CLIP). This two-year program partnership won gold in the Blended Learning category at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence. Dian created the program vision and co-developed and contributed various modules. This program is now engaging its seventh cohort of mid-to-senior managers at BC Housing.

Through JIBC’s relationship with Dian and BC Housing, the Institute has provided leadership training and education to over 300 BC Housing employees at all levels. JIBC has also been included to facilitate CLIP modules for the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and the Cross Crown Learning Council. The latter is comprised of senior leaders in several areas who engage in dialogue and shared learning between the numerous BC Crown Corporations. JIBC is the only post-secondary institute represented at the council.


Fire Rescue International Training Association (FRITA)

For the past nine years, the Fire Rescue International Training Association (FRITA) has partnered with JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division to provide a culturally rich and unique opportunity for students and graduates of the Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate program through the One World Scholarship established by the Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society.

FRITA has taken JIBC students for volunteer service and learning experiences in El Salvador, Panama, and other Central American countries. During the deployment, FRITA volunteers supervise the students and coordinate a busy schedule of language lessons, physical fitness training, fire hall visits, and training activities with the local fire service. The students are also required to develop and deliver at least one training session to the local fire service. FRITA ensures this is an applied learning and training experience for our students and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.


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