Instructional Excellence Award

This award recognizes instructors who demonstrate superior instructional abilities and qualities in areas reflected in JIBC values.



Mike Kay

Mike Kay has been instrumental in training civilian and military paramedics at JIBC for over two decades. Since 1997, he has facilitated the medical training, often referred to as the “SAR Tech training program,” for the Department of National Defence search-and-rescue technicians at the Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue in Comox, BC. This training is similar to JIBC’s Primary Care Paramedic program with the addition of intensive training in parachuting, diving, mountain rescue, and survival training.

Mike consistently goes above and beyond in all his work for JIBC. In his role as lead instructor for the SAR Tech training program he is able to navigate a complex military environment. In his many years of teaching he has become an expert in the military language and culture and was able to customize delivery of the training to suit the unique needs of this group of learners and to mirror the situations they encounter on rescue missions.

Mike was presented with the Commander 2 Canadian Air Division Generals Coin in 2017 in recognition of his service. He has taught more than 20 cohorts of SAR Tech learners and the training he has provided has allowed this exclusive group to confidently perform lifesaving medical interventions in some of the worst conditions for medical rescue missions.


Jeff Wall

Jeff has been a sessional instructor with JIBC since 2011. Several times each year, Jeff travels from Australia, where he lives for part of the year, to BC, to teach face-to-face in the Community Paramedicine program.

As a Community Paramedicine Lead Instructor, Jeff teaches cohorts of BC Emergency Health Services staff members about the management of chronic health conditions, the role of the community paramedic, relationship building and advanced communications. During the online portion of this program, Jeff often stays up late and wakes up early to host teleconferences and to answer student questions.

Jeff has done an incredible job of ensuring that program graduates are prepared to do their work by providing support and education to underserved populations in rural and remote locations. He has focused on providing students with the knowledge and tools necessary for them to do their jobs, no matter where their careers take them or how their jobs change in the future.


Dr. Jessica Motherwell

When Dr. Jessica Motherwell arrived at JIBC a few years ago, she soon showed her dedication and willingness to try new teaching strategies based on sound learning principles. When Jessica realized her Law Enforcement Studies Diploma (LESD) students were primarily young and recently graduated from high school, she developed a program using iPads which enabled students to create cartoons to express their ideas to support learning objectives, an approach that created much excitement in her classes.

Jessica is able to incorporate a blended model of face-to-face learning with online learning to bring classes together that cannot physically meet. She believes in experiential learning and encourages global citizenship while demonstrating and providing opportunities for students to get involved. Jessica has consistently stepped up to provide workshops and presentations, as well as coached and mentored other faculty, to share her teaching practices and to demonstrate various educational technologies. 


Georganne Oldham



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