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Be the one leading change every day and keeping our communities safe. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a probation officer supporting adults in the community under supervision, then this online course is for you.

The JIBC Adult Probation Officer course is designed for members of the public interested in becoming an adult probation officer. 

Successful completion of this course is one of the minimum requirements to apply for a probation officer position within the Community Corrections Division of BC Corrections. Further details about the role is available on the Probation Officer Career page.

This course introduces the B.C. Community Corrections Division and its model of client supervision. The course also describes the primary areas in which Probation Officers perform their responsibilities, including the service model that has been adopted by BC Corrections. Finally, the course also explores the challenges of being a probation officer and strategies for success in the profession.

CORR-1000 is a 5-week online course (primarily asynchronous), requiring approximately 14 hours (2-3 hours per week) to complete. The course includes weekly online discussion posts and an in-person/virtual visit to an Adult Probation Office.


Domestic: $310.81 

International: $932.43

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Q: What prerequisite course is required to apply for a position as an adult probation officer 24 or an adult probation officer 14?

A: Individuals seeking employment as an adult probation officer 24 or an adult probation officer 14 are required to complete the prerequisite course CORR1000: The Adult Probation Officer

Q: What is the cost of the prerequisite course? 

A: Please visit the CORR 1000: The Adult Probation Officer page for the current course fee (domestic and international tuition). 

Q: Will employees receive reimbursement towards the cost of CORR1000: The Adult Probation Officer course? 

A: Regular and auxiliary employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement through regional offices following a successful six-month performance review. 

Q: How long does the prerequisite course remain valid? 

A: CORR1000: The Adult Probation Officer prerequisite course does not have a defined expiry date. In cases where more than three years have passed since the applicant has completed the course, the hiring manager undertakes an informal assessment of the applicant’s familiarity with the role of an adult probation officer in consultation with the regional director.

Q: Can a prospective employee be exempted from taking the prerequisite course? 

A: Yes, for more details, please see the Adult probation officer applicant information packages for the Adult Probation Officer 14 and Adult Probation Officer 24 positions.

Q: What is the salary range of adult probation officers? 

A: Current compensation/salary ranges of adult probation officers can be found here, under “work environment and compensation.” 

Q: What are other benefits available to adult probation officers?

A: Adult probation officers enjoy competitive salaries, comprehensive health/dental/benefits package, 35-hour full-time workweeks, on-the-job training, BC Student Loan forgiveness, scholarship opportunities, professional development opportunities, and leadership training. 

Q: Are there any current adult probation officer jobs/postings available? 

A: Current career opportunities can be found on the BC Public Service Website. Applicants will be required to create an account to view and apply to current positions.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about a specific job posting or general questions about the role of adult probation officers? 

A: You may choose to contact the local manager of an adult probation office directly. If you decide to contact a local manager directly, please make sure to explain who you are and why you are calling. You can find the contact information for adult probation offices at the office directory or office location map

If you have a question regarding a specific job posting on the BC Public Service Website, please contact the local manager listed within the job positing. 

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