Many of the Centre for Counselling & Community Safety's projects have led to the development of resources for use by individuals and agencies. Below is a complete listing of all manuals, DVDs, and facilitator's guides that are available for purchase.


Balancing Conflicting Interests: A Counsellor's Guide to the Legal Process - Third Edition (MANUAL)

This manual explores the clinical and ethical dilemmas counsellors face in their increasing involvement with the legal system and suggests ideas for resolving them. This 3rd edition updates topics covered in the previous edition such as informed consent, confidentiality, questions of privilege, obligations to report, clinical assessments, guidelines for record-keeping, and concerns related to a court appearance. It also explores current and emerging legal and ethical trends related to the use of technology and social media within counselling settings.

Price: $85


Commercial Sexual Exploitation: Innovative Ideas for Working with Children and Youth (MANUAL)

This manual presents a provincial framework for working with commercially sexually exploited children and youth, and innovative ideas for programs to deal with this social problem. The framework has been designed to assist in the formulation of policy, strategies, and services to assist these young people. Topics include the legal meaning of “commercial sexual exploitation”; the rights of children and youth; understanding commercial sexual exploitation; a conceptual framework within a population health approach to health promotion; meeting the needs of youth through a continuum of services; guiding principles for program design and delivery and a selection of provincial programs that meet the guiding principles and are considered to be examples of innovative and promising practices.    

Price: $15 for a hard copy or Viewable Online FREE


Empowerment of Immigrant and Refugee Women Who are Victims of Violence in Their Intimate Relationships (MANUAL)

The Justice Institute of British Columbia has released the findings of a research study designed to enhance understanding of the unique experiences of immigrant women who were victims of violence in their intimate relationships. The research assessed what service delivery factors in the health care, social service, and justice systems are uniquely empowering and disempowering to immigrant women who are victims of violence in their relationships. The study was conducted in partnership with Vancouver and Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services Society, MOSAIC, and Elizabeth Fry Society of Prince George and funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Province of BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and The Vancouver Foundation. Download an electronic version of the report free of charge. Hard copies are also available for purchase.   

Price: $10


In Her Own Time: Measures of Empowerment for Women Who Have Experienced Violence (DVD)

This 19-minute video is intended for those who provide support and assistance to women who have experienced violence and are seeking help from the criminal justice system. Based on the findings of the Measures of Empowerment Research conducted in 2001, the video illustrates the four themes of empowerment through the stories of four women who sought help to end the violence in their lives. The video can be used by victim service workers, transition house staff, police, Crown counsel, and community counsellors to facilitate discussion about how best to assist and support women in overcoming the violence in their lives.

Price: $15


Restoring the Honouring Circle: Taking a Stand Against Youth Sexual Exploitation (MANUAL)

Information, prevention, and capacity building manual for rural communities in British Columbia - December 2011.   

Price: $10 for a hard copy or Viewable Online FREE


Sexual Assault – Victim Service Worker Handbook (MANUAL)

This handbook was developed for persons providing services to victims of sexual assault. As a service provider using this handbook, you may be a victim service worker; a worker in a sexual assault service; a worker in an agency that serves a specific cultural community; or a worker at any other agency or institution that serves sexually assaulted women or men.

The handbook discusses the needs of diverse communities in seeking support after a sexual assault and deals with the survivor’s initial urgent need for safety and support. The criminal justice process is covered from the initial police report to post-sentencing issues, including the role of the victim service worker. The full range of societal responses to sexual assault is discussed including legislation, policy, services, and community coordination as well as a comprehensive list of the resources available. This handbook was developed in partnership with Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.   

Price: $10


Violence in the Lives of Sexually Exploited Youth and Adult Sex Workers in BC (MANUAL)

Violence in the Lives of Sexually Exploited Youth and Adult Sex Workers in BC - Provincial Research - Final Report 2006. 

Price: $10 for a hard copy or Viewable Online FREE

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