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The Centre for Counselling & Community Safety provides practical training for those working in counselling and community safety roles. Our programs teach professionals how to support and empower clients including children, youth, adults, families and communities, affected by traumatic life situations.



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Clinical Supervision in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Clinical Supervision in Counselling and…

Gain the skills and knowledge to provide effective and supportive clinical supervision. These courses reflect…

Trauma & Crisis Intervention

Trauma & Crisis Intervention

For learners from a broad range of professions, this program trains you to effectively manage critical…
Complex Trauma

Support your practice by advancing your knowledge and skill level working with children, youth and adults who…
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Publications & DVDs

Many of the Centre for Counselling & Community Safety's projects have led to the development of resources for use by individuals and agencies. Here is a complete listing of all manuals, DVDs, and facilitator's guides that are available for purchase.

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