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JIBC is a leading provider of public and community safety education, training and applied research designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

Contract Training

JIBC courses and programs can be customized on a contract basis to meet the specific educational and training needs of an agency or organization. Our program managers are committed to working with you to provide the customized delivery of courses or programs needed to meet your educational or research needs.

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Training Opportunities

Elevate Your Organization with Customized Conflict Resolution Training

At the Centre for Conflict Resolution, we specialize in transforming conflict into a powerful catalyst for growth within your organization or community. Our approach is deeply rooted in our belief of the human capacity for connection, compassion, and collaboration. We will work collaboratively with you, from the initial planning stages through to the execution of the training, ensuring the curriculum is integrated within your organizational framework and the learning outcomes not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our applied learning model will equip participants with the necessary skills to adeptly handle and resolve conflicts with empathy and courage fostering a more connected, innovative and resilient organization.

We offer an extensive range of courses tailored to suit the time commitments and specific interests of your organization:

One-Day Courses

Two-Day Courses

Extended Learning Opportunities (Three Days or More):

Full Programs

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To discuss your options for customized training, contact the Community & Social Justice Customized Training Division

Correctional agencies and organizations benefit from JIBC's extensive training expertise in subject areas such as:

  • Current correctional approaches
  • Frontline leadership for correctional staff
  • Risk assessments of criminal offenders
  • Offender intervention programs
  • Dealing with special offender groups
  • Supervising and managing sex offenders
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To discuss your options for customized training, contact the Corrections & Court Services Division.

Our courses are designed to empower professionals in the fields of trauma support, trauma and crisis intervention, mental health support, and community safety. Whether you are a healthcare institution, social service agency, educational institution, or corporate entity, our customizable contract training courses offer a tailored solution to meet your unique needs to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex challenges facing individuals and communities.

Courses are developed and facilitated by seasoned professionals who are experts in their respective fields and skilled at fostering a collaborative learning environment that encourages active participation and skill development. In addition to the courses listed below, we can also deliver certificate programs, including the Associate Certificate in Trauma and Crisis Intervention and the Associate Certificate in Complex Trauma.

Counselling & Community Support Courses:

Trauma and Crisis Intervention Courses:

 Community Safety Courses:

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To discuss your options for customized training, contact the Centre for Counselling and Community Safety.

All of our Fleet Driver Training courses are available on a customized contract basis, and include:

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To discuss your options for customized driver education and training, contact the Driver Education Centre.

The Emergency Management Division provides comprehensive emergency management training and exercise support programs that span the spectrum of emergency management activities from preparedness, prevention and mitigation, to response and recovery. 

Highly requested courses available on a customized contract basis include:

Customized Training Options

All our existing courses can be customized to meet your organization's needs to prepare and build the response capacity of your team. New courses can also be developed and designed in consultation with you to meet your organization specific requirements and any relevant standards.

The Emergency Management Division has more than 30 years of training experience and success in supporting the customized emergency management training needs of government and industry. Our list of clients include:

  • Key departments and ministries at all levels of government (including Public Safety Canada, RCMP, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Emergency Management BC; Manitoba Health, City of Toronto, City of Vancouver, York Regional District, Region of Halton, and the City of Kamloops);
  • First Nations communities;
  • Municipal/provincial first responder agencies (including New Westminster Police, Ontario Provincial Police, BC Ambulance Service, Kelowna Fire Department);
  • Post-secondary institutions (including Simon Fraser University, UBC, Capilano University, BCIT, and Vancouver Community College);
  • Health care authorities (including Provincial Health Services Authority, Fraser Health Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority);
  • Transportation organizations and utilities (including Coast Mountain Bus Company, Translink, BC Hydro); and
  • International aid organizations.
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To discuss your options for customized emergency management contract training, contact the Emergency Management Division.

Fire departments from across British Columbia and around the world benefit from JIBC firefighter training designed to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. JIBC firefighter courses are accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and the Pro Board Fire Service Professional Qualifications System (Pro Board®).

Courses are available in a wide range of essential firefighting areas:

  • Basic to Advanced Firefighting
    • Rapid Intervention Teams
    • Exterior Team Leader
    • Live Fire I & II
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
    • Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator
    • Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
    • Pumps & Pumping
    • Aerial Strategies & Tactics
    • Tender Operations
    • Customized one-day or two-day training
  • Fire Education and Instruction
    • Fire & Life Safety Educator I
    • Fire Service Instructor I
    • Fire Service Instructor II
  • Fire Inspection and Investigation
    • Fire Inspector I
    • Fire Cause & Origin I & II
  • Hazardous Materials
    • Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations
    • Rail Tank Car Specialist
  • Incident Management
    • Emergency Scene Management I & II
    • Strategies & Tactics
    • Incident Safety Officer
  • Industrial Firefighting
    • Incipient Facility Fire Brigade Member
    • Advanced Exterior Facility Fire Brigade Member
    • Interior Structural Facility Fire Brigade Member
    • Marina Firefighting
    • Marine LNG Firefighting
  • Rescue Training
    • Rope Rescue
    • Confined Space Rescue
    • Vehicle Rescue
    • Heavy Vehicle Rescue
    • Auto Extrication
    • Swiftwater Rescue
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A list of Courses by NFPA Standard is available. To discuss your options for customized firefighter contract training, contact the Fire & Safety Division.

Law enforcement, investigation and security agencies frequently request courses in key subject areas, including:

  • Anti-corruption and professional standards
  • Canadian justice system introduction
  • Communication and crisis intervention skills
  • Drug investigations
  • Ethical issues in public safety
  • Forensics
  • Intelligence analysis 
  • International law enforcement cooperation
  • Investigation and enforcement skills
  • Leadership in law enforcement
  • Major crime management
  • Major event planning and risk assessment
  • Public safety and security management
  • Tactical criminal analysis
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To discuss your options for customized law enforcement, investigation or security contract training, contact the Justice & Public Safety Division.

Empower Your Organization with our Contract Leadership Training

We understand that the heartbeat of transformative leadership lies within the tailored experiences that meet the unique challenges and objectives of your organization. Our courses and programs have been designed with flexibility at their core, ensuring they align with your unique learning outcomes and support your organization’s mission, vision and values. Leveraging an applied learning model, participants experience personal growth, acquiring the critical skills needed to lead with confidence, foster strong relationships, and adeptly navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving workplace.

Our foundational curriculum has opportunities for development across a range of critical leadership skills, offering courses designed to cater to varying time commitments and depth of exploration:

One-Day Courses

  • Introduction to the foundations of Change Management, Critical Thinking, Facilitation, Leadership or Training
  • Positive Leadership

Two-Day Courses

Extended Learning Opportunities - Three Days or More

Specialized Programs

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To discuss your options for customized training, contact the Community & Social Justice Customized Training Division.

JIBC develops and delivers innovative high-quality paramedic and health sciences education and training for healthcare professionals worldwide.

We provide our expertise in conducting:

  • Emergency Medical Services systems needs analysis
  • Educational needs assessment
  • Curriculum development
  • Print, multimedia and online development
  • Instructor training
  • Program evaluation and accreditation
  • Specialized program delivery
  • High stakes exam development and delivery

We offer delivery of various emergency medical services training programs and courses:

  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • First Responder
  • Primary, Advanced and Specialty Care Paramedicine
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support and Resuscitation
  • Trauma Life Support
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To discuss your options for customized professional health education contract training, contact the Health Sciences Division.