JIBC Search & Rescue students

Search and Rescue Training for Professionals

These courses are only available to active SAR professional volunteers who are part of a recognized SAR group in B.C.

Gain Life-Saving Knowledge and Skills 

Courses offered are hands-on, specific to search and rescue in B.C. 

Delivered in Partnership

Courses are delivered in partnership with Emergency Management BC (EMBC), the RCMP and the BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) to deliver search and rescue training to volunteers across B.C. Courses are offered online and throughout various regions of B.C. Seasonal schedules are determined in coordination with EMBC and BCSARA.

Search and Rescue (SAR) courses through JIBC are specifically for SAR professional volunteers who are active members of one of B.C.’s 79 recognized SAR Groups

Search and Rescue is the lifeline of emergency response. Whether it’s tracking a lost hiker or leading a full-scale avalanche response, SAR personnel are integral to people, communities and organizations. In B.C., there are approximately 2,500 Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers with 79 SAR groups who respond to about 1,700 incidents per year. 

If you wish to become a SAR volunteer, review the Emergency Management BC Search and Rescue webpage, and contact your local SAR Group.

SAR training begins with the foundational Ground Search and Rescue training for Members in Training, including communications, navigation, and search skills.

Other courses are more technically demanding, such rope rescue or avalanche response, or focus leadership and training development. 

Program Format

SAR training through JIBC consist of courses that are offered online and throughout various regions of B.C. Seasonal schedules are determined in coordination with Emergency Management BC and the BC Search and Rescue Association.

Details about course expectations, length and pre-requisites are available in the JIBC SAR Course Information Manual.

Fees and Other Costs

There are no tuition or course fees charged to students registered in JIBC SAR courses. Course costs are paid by Emergency Management BC, the BC Search and Rescue Association, or the RCMP, depending on the course. 

The responsibility to pay for travel, accommodation, or meal costs while on a regional course is the responsibility of individual SAR members and/or their team.

New Online Application Process

We are happy to announce SAR Training Applications are now accepted via online form. This will provide automatic email confirmation to the applicant and identified training officer, and submit the data to us directly. 

SAR Member and Training Officers - Review course requirements: Review the Course Schedule and Calendar in the “downloads” section to confirm that you have the pre-requisites and can meet the course requirements. Review JIBC records at myjibc.ca. Ensure you have time in your schedule to attend the course and complete required pre-study, work or practice.

SAR Member - Complete the online application form: The online application form for the upcoming season will be published under the “Key Links” section.

Q: What is the difference between a provincial course and a regional course?

A: Regional courses draw students to courses which are offered within their region. Provincial course are offered in a central location and draw students from across the province.

Q: How do I view my training records with JIBC?

A: JIBC students can access their training history by logging in to their account on the myJIBC Student Portal. Individual training records can be viewed online, printed for your reference, or to share with your Training Officer.

Q: Can I attend a course without the prerequisites?

A: No. Applicants must complete the required prerequisites prior to applying for a course. Applications submitted without the necessary prerequisites will be returned and are the responsibility of the sponsoring team to address before re-submitting.

Q: How do I log in to my online course or the online portion of a course?

A: JIBC students access their online course by logging in to their account on the myJIBC Student Portal. There are links there if a student requires help to access their User ID or password.

Q: How do I receive the JIBC SAR Training email announcements?

A: Subscribe to the JIBC SAR email mailing list and receive training news, course announcements, and course change information.

Q: Can my SAR Groups request additional courses?

A: SAR Groups should be in regular communication with their BCSARA Regional Director to share training needs. If BCSARA is unable to fund further training, SAR Groups can contact JIBC to see if a course can be arranged on a fee-for-service basis directly with the local SAR Group. Contact Search and Rescue at JIBC for more information.

Questions about Search & Rescue Courses?

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