Upcoming Course Offerings

Course Course Code Course Date Course Tuition Location
Critical Infrastructure Protection Systems ESMS-2450-OL001 - $533.37 Online
Foundations of Business Continuity Management ESMS-2340-OL001 - $533.37 Online
Leading Inclusive Cultures in Emergency Services FIRE-2125-OL001 - $722.35 Online
Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Resolution CRES-1851-OL001 - $722.35 Online
Organization Behaviour and Managing Change in Fire Serv FIRE-2120-OL001 - $722.33 Online


Self-paced online courses can be completed on your own time within the start and end date of a course. Students have 24/7 access to the online course and all requirements need to be completed prior to the end date. 


Instructor-led guided online courses are facilitated by an instructor and require weekly participation. Such activities may include active engagement in discussion boards, reading of articles and case studies, sharing your ideas and perspectives, etc. 


Blended courses are offered with a portion offered self-paced or instructor-led online with a face-to-face component usually required at the end of the course for a certain number of required days.


Face-to-face courses are in-person classes held at a JIBC campus or on-site in the community.

JIBC firefighter training

Fire & Safety Studies Diploma

The Fire & Safety Studies Diploma program is for experienced fire officers who want to advance their careers through higher academic credentials required by an increasing number of fire service leadership positions.

Firefighter Training Courses & Resources

The Fire & Safety Division offers a wide range of courses and resources as it works with various partner agencies and organizations to support the education and training needs of the fire service and industry.

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