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The Justice & Public Safety Division offers accredited academic and customized training programs in law enforcement studies and intelligence analysis for public and private sector clients.

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Intelligence Analysis
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The uncovering of fraud, the safety of a community, the fate of billion-dollar corporate deals, protecting intangible assets, ensuring operational continuity, and reducing risk and minimizing loss. They can all depend on the work done by the growing number of intelligence and research analysts like Casey Solis.

In her work as a compliance investigator, Luiza Urbanczyk regularly uses the analytical techniques and investigative methods she learned while completing JIBC graduate certificates in Intelligence Analysis and Tactical Criminal Analysis.

JIBC intelligence analysis grad helps protect new home owners

When people shop for a new home in B.C., Luiza Urbanczyk is there to help protect them, thanks to the applied education she received at Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC).

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Using intelligence analysis to get ahead

When it comes to intelligence work, it’s easy to conjure up James Bond-esque escapades and high-tech gadgets. In reality, intelligence analysis and the ability to glean clues from big data sets is just as vital to businesses as it is to national security agencies. 

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JIBC intelligence program is training students for data sleuthing

Picture it as mountains of highly detailed information. It’s largely out of the public eye, but it’s used to shape policy that will affect you and me. Making sense of that information is known as “intelligence analysis,” and it’s a skill used to combat cybercrime, bank fraud and terrorism.

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