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Coming from a family that includes several lawyers, it is perhaps not surprising that Pavan Dhaliwal has always held a passion for the law. 

He believes in the powerful role the law plays in holding society accountable and ensuring fairness. That interest translated into completion of a Bachelor of Law Enforcement (BLES) degree at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) and his current legal studies in the UK.

He first heard about JIBC’s BLES program while he was studying criminology at another university and volunteering with the Surrey Crime Prevention Society.

“I visited the JIBC campus in New Westminster and spoke to the admissions staff and realized that JIBC had instructors with immense experience in the criminal justice system. Whether that be lawyers, police officers, or correctional officers. I was ecstatic at the fact that I would be receiving education from experienced professionals whom have achieved great success in the community and are leaders in our society.”

The education I received from JIBC has been helping me currently in law school and will continue to help me as I pursue my career

Pavan says the BLES program was crucial in his growth academically and personally, and helped him develop skills in conflict resolution, research, and time-management, which are benefiting him now as he pursues a law degree. He added his legal courses in the BLES program gave valuable insight into what to expect in law school.

“The most memorable part of the program for me was when I was provided with the opportunity to conduct my own research in my fourth year with my capstone project on workplace harassment in law enforcement," he said.

"This course allowed me to connect with professionals in the criminal justice system and equipped me with the tools to become a better critical thinker, a better writer, and taught me how to seek relevant literature pertaining to the specific topic. These tools have been currently helping me in law school and I am confident will continue to help me with my career.”


Upon graduation from JIBC, he enrolled in law school at the University of Leicester in the UK. When he graduates, he plans to become a practising barrister and solicitor in British Columbia.

Pavan is quick to credit his education at JIBC with his positive career outlook.

“The education I received from JIBC has been helping me currently in law school and will continue to help me as I pursue my career. Specifically, in law school, I took part in a moot court competition at the university and I was able to do well because JIBC provided me with the research, analytical, and time-management skills needed to do well. Also, the education I received at JIBC has helped me in analyzing case law, and has helped me with preparing for law exams.

“I am grateful for the instructors at JIBC who were always willing to help me grow and broaden my knowledge. They have immense experience and are always willing to help one on one with anything you need.”

For more information visit the Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies program page.