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This final course in the Community Care Licensing Officer Advanced Specialty Certificate program is designed for learners who have current experience in the field of community care licensing. As a capstone (culminating experience) course, it provides learners the opportunity to integrate and apply the skills, knowledge, concepts, and principles they have developed throughout the program. After a review of research methodology, learners explore a topical issue, process, or practice in the community care profession through research, analysis, and evaluation under the guidance of the course instructor. Learners will have the option to investigate and analyze an issue or problem, develop an outline and project plan, conduct a review of relevant literature or current practice, apply relevant methodology, and interpret information to develop and present their conclusions in a formal report or paper. The instructor will provide supervision, support, and mentorship through the course. Administrative Note: Program area permission is required to register for this course.


  • CCL0-3302, CCLO-3303, CCLO-3304, CCLO-3405, CCLO-3407, and CCLO-3408
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No sections are currently scheduled for this course
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