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This course is designed for probation officer's working in B.C. It will explore best practices in case management for clients convicted of a sexually motivated offence (SMO), including initial and ongoing risk assessment, pre-sentence report investigations, home visits, community and victim notification, the development of self-management plans, referrals for treatment, one-to-one interventions, and working with collateral contacts and community agencies. Participants will explore some of the unique challenges and considerations related to working with this client group and will proactively identify professional and personal wellness strategies. Participants will learn about the impact of colonization on Indigenous peoples and communities as it relates to sexually motivated offending and ways to integrate knowledge and practices from Indigenous wellness into case management plans for Indigenous clients. Participants will review principles of trauma-informed practice and how to use trauma-informed strategies when conducting victim notifications and pre-sentence report investigations. The course will be delivered through a combination of online learning, virtual meetings, and office-based practice assignments.


  • CORR-1105
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