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Develop the knowledge and skills to conduct and manage basic safety and security related investigations in the workplace, within legal and regulatory frameworks. Determine if and when investigations are required, identify and define the scope of the investigation, conduct the investigation, prepare necessary documentation, make recommendations for action or change, and notify the appropriate internal and external authorities of issues and findings. (Formerly ESM340)

SPECIAL, CONDENSED OFFERING: From MAY 3 - May 30, 2021, JIBC is offering a 4-week version of this course (21SS-ESMS-3110-OL001).

This is an active course with students involved in a combination of hands-on activities, online discussion, and writing one short paper. There will be weekly, online presentations provided live and recorded (schedule to be provided at the start of the course).

This course offering is open to the public and to students in the diploma/bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies. This is a great opportunity to learn the theory behind how emergency management planning in Canada.

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  • ESMS-1100, and ESMS-2400
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