Refunds for International Applicants

Refunds due to Study permit rejection

If you have been denied a study permit/visa and are unable to attend JIBC as a result, you are eligible to ask for a refund of your confirmation deposit and any additional tuition that you may have pre-paid. 

  1. Complete the International Confirmation Deposit Refund Request form.
  2. Email the Office of International Affairs at including your full name and JIBC student ID in the subject line, attaching the International Confirmation Deposit Refund Request form and IRCC Visa Denial Letter to the email.
  3. Refunds will be processed in the same manner as payment was received (i.e., credit card, wire transfer, cheque, etc.). In another words, funds will be returned to the original payer who paid to JIBC unless we received a written consent from the original payer that the fund needs to be issued to another individual.
  4. If you choose to be refunded by wire transfer, please complete the Wire Transfer Form and attach in your email. Please type in your information into the fillable fields of this form using a computer. JIBC does not accept hand-written forms. In addition, ensure that the bank account belongs to you as the student; otherwise, the money will not be transferred.


Please notice that refunds are subject to evaluation upon request with no guarantee of approval. Once a decision is made, correspondence will be emailed to you.

JIBC reserves the right to contact IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to verify the status of a visa and/or study permit application and/or to authenticate the contents of a study permit refusal letter when processing a refund request.

You were admitted but do not wish to continue your studies at JIBC 

Specifics about refunds for JIBC students are provided in our Refunds Procedure, which is part of our Tuition Policy.

Compassionate withdrawals & Appeals after the refund period

Students who are experiencing serious medical, emotional or other issues requiring a withdrawal after the deadline, before completion of the semester, may request a complete withdrawal from all courses on compassionate grounds.
In unusual circumstances that can be substantiated on health or related grounds, a partial reduction in registration may be considered.

Students requesting a refund or transfer after the refund period must demonstrate extenuating circumstances beyond their control that must be supported and documented. For more information, visit Fees & Refunds.

Contact the Office of International Affairs

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