Policy Number
VP Finance & Operations
Board of Governors
Effective Date
May 23, 2002
January 27, 2011

The purpose of this policy is to provide the context for administering tuition and related ancillary fees. The JIBC’s tuition fee policy reflects its mission as a leading educator in public safety. The policy creates a tuition fee structure that provides accessibility to students of various financial levels, provides a basis for setting tuition levels and financial guidelines with respect to student aid, and establishes a context for evaluating refund requests. The policy and related procedures define the roles and responsibilities of JIBC staff and Board of Governors in recommending and approving tuition and related fees.

Policy Statement

The JIBC establishes tuition and ancillary fees that align with provincial government policy and reflect sound management of the Institute’s financial resources. Tuition and ancillary fees are reviewed and approved annually by the JIBC Board of Governors as part of the annual operating budget, and are subject to provincial government policies regarding tuition limits. The JIBC policy applies to all JIBC Schools and divisions, and covers all fees charged to students.

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