International Tuition

Procedure Number
Policy Number
VP Academic
JIBC Executive
Effective Date
March 12, 2014
Procedure Statement


Internationalization, through various approaches and activities, is reflected as a priority in institutional planning documents and growth of international education is a provincial government direction. Goals of internationalization can include promoting global-mindedness in students and staff, and contributing to a safer more just world through public safety training, education, and applied research. This procedure provides a clear and consistent approach to enhance the capacity of the Institute in support of internationalization.


  1. International tuition fees are set at three (3) times that of published current domestic fees.
  2. Any new credit course or program approved by the Institute consistent with approval processes will have tuition set specifically for international students as part of the approval process in concert with the Vice President Academic.
  3. Any new non-credit course or program that does not require Institute approval will have international tuition fees set at the program level with approval of the Dean of the School in concert with the Director of Finance.
  4. International tuition fees are subject to revision annually and are excluded from the Ministry of Advanced Education’s tuition limit policy.
  5. All international tuition fee information will be available through both the Registrar’s Office and the Office of International Affairs.
  6. Any requests for exemptions from (1) require a market analysis to be completed by the proponent. Once completed this is reviewed by the proponent and Dean with a recommendation for revised international tuition to be forwarded to the Vice-President Academic for approval and then the Vice- President Finance and Administration’s approval.
  7. Application fees for international students are two (2) times that of domestic students.
  8. Commitment fees (as applicable) are three (3) times that of domestic students and non- refundable.
  9. Considering the Jay Treaty, students from the United States who self-identify as Aboriginal or Native American on their application will be eligible to pay domestic tuition fees rather than international fees. Appropriate identification must be provided to qualify for domestic tuition.
  10. Any international tuition fees associated with contract activity will be established through the use of the Institute’s contract development process.

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