We hope this short introduction from the program directors will be helpful! Our objective is to ensure you know what is available to you, how to access it, and how to stay up-to-date on changes as they occur.

Paramedicine & Health Sciences

Be the one saving lives in a rewarding and high-pressure career. Learn the skills and gain credentials to respond to life-threatening emergencies, or advance your career in emergency medicine and health services.

The Paramedic Academy trains first responders, emergency medical responders and paramedics to treat patients in the community, at the workplace or in their homes. 

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Be the one fighting fires, protecting property and saving lives. Obtain valuable academic credentials for entry-level or upgraded professional qualifications.

The Fire & Safety Division provides education and training to new and experienced firefighters in British Columbia.

With foundational and advanced programs designed to exceed provincial safety standards, fire departments recognize that our graduates will confidently and professionally respond to complex situations.

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Law Enforcement & Investigation

Be the one keeping communities safe. Receive hands-on learning, with a focus on investigative and enforcement skills, from experienced instructors to work in this expanding field. 

The Justice & Public Safety Division offers accredited academic and customized training programs in law enforcement studies, and professional development and security training for public and private sector clients.

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Emergency Management

Be the one in a dynamic, growing field keeping communities safe. Gain the applied knowledge and skills to advance a rewarding career, helping to mitigate and respond to emergencies and disasters. 

Bringing together emergency management, disaster planning and security, the Emergency Management Division develops Canada’s next leaders in public safety by ensuring our graduates have the right skills to succeed in their chosen public safety discipline. 

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Conflict Resolution

Be the one inspiring your team, building relationships or supporting others. Learn practical, effective methods to negotiate within organizations, workplaces, communities and families. 

The Centre for Conflict Resolution equips its students with the skills needed to effectively respond to and resolve issues related to conflict within organizations, workplaces, communities and families. Conflict resolution courses and programs at JIBC are the most comprehensive of their kind in Canada.

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Be the one inspiring your team and advancing your career. Gain invaluable skills and knowledge to become an effective leader while learning to address real-world complex issues.

At JIBC’s Centre for Leadership, emerging and experienced leaders learn practical strategies and new approaches to help them effectively lead and manage teams and organizations while planning for the future.

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Office of Indigenization

The Office of Indigenization works on multiple collaborative efforts to support students, faculty and staff while building and enhancing relationships with Indigenous people, organizations and communities. 

JIBC supports the Indigenous community by contributing to the development of JIBC governance, structure, policy and procedures to establish Indigenous space throughout our campuses.

We also promote innovations in Indigenous programming and services while supporting funding initiatives that ensure the implementation of the JIBC Indigenous Plan. 

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