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The Paramedic Academy trains first responders, emergency medical responders and paramedics to treat patients in the community, at the workplace or in their homes.

The Centre for Professional Health Education provides professional development and continuing education to health and emergency caregivers with a focus on life support practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are scope of practice update courses and why do I need to take them?
These courses cover content related to scope of practice changes in Ministerial Order 292. They include new knowledge and skills at each paramedic license level, some of which are required to attain or maintain a license.

JIBC has been working with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, Emergency Medical Assistance Licensing Branch (EMALB), Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), and British Columbia Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) to develop courses supporting scope of practice changes.

Courses have been developed for Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs), and Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs) that cover the scope of practice updates for each level. The EMR scope update is a five-day in person course and is now incorporated in the JIBC EMR existing program. Stand-alone scope of practice update courses have been developed for PCP and ACP practice levels that include both online and in person components.

More information on the Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation ( can be found here. You can read the media release from the Ministry of Health that was issued on December 1, 2021.

Will I be able to apply for a job with BCEHS without completing a new scope of practice update course?
The scope update will be required for entry into practice in the future. As far as individual companies are concerned, it is best to contact your potential employer directly for any employment related questions. 

When will the scope of practice update courses be scheduled?
JIBC is looking at how we can provide priority registration in the scope of practice update courses to current JIBC students, our paramedic instructors, and preceptors. Once scheduled, courses will allow current and future license holders to meet minimum requirements for maintaining and attaining a license.

JIBC does not currently have any publicly available EMR (outside of the EMR program), PCP, nor ACP scope of practice update courses scheduled. When scope of practice update courses are scheduled, this website will be updated with instructions on how to register. Please check back often.

How much will the scope of practice update courses cost?
Once the courses are fully developed, tuition costs and fees will be updated on our website.

Will scope of practice updates be tested on my licensing exam?
For the most up to date information on licensing standards please visit the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board.

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