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VP Academic
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November 17, 2010
October 04, 2019
Procedure Statement


This procedure forms part of JIBC’s Admissions Policy (the “Policy”) and should be followed and applied in relation to program admission under the Policy. Terms are as defined in the Policy.

Procedural Guiding Principles

Institutional Admission Requirements

This procedure applies to Institutional Admission Requirements for all JIBC programs of 20 or more credits, as well as all graduate programs.

  1. Minimum requirements to enter a JIBC Undergraduate Program are:
    a. Completion of the B.C. Grade 12 Graduation requirements or equivalency, or meet JIBC definition of a mature student.
    b. English 12 with a “C” or better standing or equivalency as defined below.
  2. Minimum requirement to enter a JIBC Graduate Program is a Bachelor’s Degree.
  3. JIBC has a number of career specific programs. In such programs, past experience and/or current work in the career field may be included as criteria for admission.
  4. Where JIBC programs have established admissions criteria specific to the program, applicants must meet both the institutional entrance requirements and the program-specific entrance requirements.
  5. An individual who is applying to enter a JIBC program that is offered in partnership with another institution, agency or organization must meet the institutional and program admission requirements, and meet any additional eligibility criteria established in the program’s partnership agreement.
  6. Applicants are required to submit to the Admissions Office their official transcripts and all other required documents as outlined on the Institute’s website.
  7. JIBC reserves the right to select candidates who are best suited for success in the program.
  8. Students may apply for transfer credit and/or prior learning assessment (PLA) at the time of initial application to a JIBC program. Transfer credit and PLA requests shall be granted based on established transfer agreements, or directed to the appropriate program area for assessment and decision. Where appropriate to course content, timelines may be in place for any transfer of credits – internal or external.
  9. Students who are under suspension at another post-secondary institution will not be admitted to any JIBC program of studies during that period of suspension.
  10. Where applicable, students who have graduated from a Secondary School Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Program may receive JIBC credit for their AP English and AP Statistics.
Program-Specific Admission Requirements
  1. Admission criteria for each JIBC program of study at JIBC are established by the program area and posted on the Institute’s website. The criteria description shall include program specific admission criteria, documentation required for admission, and additional methods used for selection into the program, including but not limited to interviews, references, testing, or work experience portfolios.
  2. The Registrar’s Office and the applicable Dean have joint responsibility for all agreements that pertain to admission requirements and/or transfer credits including block transfer, transfer agreements with other institutions, and laddering agreements.
  3. Where admission requirements form part of a partnership agreement and/or memorandum of understanding/letter of agreement for joint educational programs, the appropriate Deans will be consulted and such requirements will be approved by the VP Academic.
Admission Equivalencies

A list of the high school graduation credential equivalencies, and course-specific equivalencies JIBC recognizes for the purpose of admission into programs is located in JIBC’s Grade 12 High School Equivalencies Table.

International Student Admission Requirements
  1. International students whose first language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency by providing results from one of the English language testing services listed in the JIBC English Admission Requirements for International Students Table. International students who have graduated from a Canadian grade 12 program will not need to provide TOEFL results but must meet the English 12 requirement (or equivalent) as per JIBC’s Grade 12 High School Equivalencies Table  or the specific English requirement for that program.
  2. International applicants submitting documents from institutions outside of Canada may be required to have their documents evaluated by an accredited international credential evaluation service.
  3. JIBC will conform to Canadian immigration law and policy, and international students must obtain a valid Student Authorization to attend JIBC courses and programs. JIBC will provide all necessary documentation to students who have been admitted to a program and wish to obtain a student authorization for study in Canada.
  1. Students successfully admitted to one JIBC program are required to reapply to enter another program at JIBC.
  2. Students who have been required to withdraw or who have formally withdrawn from a JIBC program are required to reapply for entry to that program or to any other program at JIBC.
  3. Students who have been required to withdraw from a JIBC program for medical reasons may be required to demonstrate medical clearance before being re-admitted to the program.
  4. The process for re-admission is identical to the process of admission.

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