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VP Academic
Program Council
Effective Date
February 15, 2005
February 05, 2015
Procedure Statement


In keeping with the policy on Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition, the following procedures provide direction and processes for students wishing to have consideration of their previous knowledge. 


Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) requests are submitted and processed through the Registrar’s office.  Assessment of the content of the PLAR is done in conjunction with the program area.


  1. PLAR credits will be awarded only to those students who have applied for, and been accepted into JIBC credential programs.
  2. Students applying for PLAR credits are required to complete and submit the Prior Learning Recognition request form, with applicable fees, and arrange for the submission of supporting documents.  PLAR assessment will not commence until all required fees have been received. Completed Prior Learning Recognition request forms may be submitted to JIBC electronically, by mail, or by fax. Forms are available on the JIBC website and from Student Services.
  3. Students submitting documents from institutions outside Canada may be required to have their documents evaluated by an accredited international credential evaluation service such as Supporting documents in a language other than English or French must be translated to English at the student’s expense.
  4. In some cases JIBC may offer unique learning opportunities that they wish to guarantee for their students and in such cases will not allow credit from prior learning assessment.
  5. Students accepted into certificate, diploma, and degree programs at JIBC are required to complete at least 50% of the program at JIBC. In cases where a student in a degree program is applying for both PLAR and transfer credit and the combined total of possible credit exceeds 50%, the student may request an exemption to this policy through the Office of the Registrar. If an exemption is granted, at least 50% of upper level credits in a program must be completed at JIBC.
  6. PLAR credits will be allocated towards the JIBC credential in which a student is enrolled. If a student changes programs, any JIBC awarded existing PLAR credits are subject to review to determine their applicability to the new program. Awarded credits may be adjusted up or down. Students seeking additional credits above the initial award may be required to submit an additional PLAR application.
  7. PLAR credits awarded in a completed JIBC certificate or other credential laddering into a JIBC diploma or degree will be carried forward into that diploma or degree.
  8. Students may not submit the same material for PLAR assessment towards a second credential.
  9. Students are advised to consult with the Financial Aid office regarding any impacts a PLAR assessment would have on eligibility for student aid.
  10. PLAR is at the discretion of the program. Learners who receive an unfavourable decision from the assessor will have access to JIBC’s appeal process.


Fees are applicable for each PLAR assessment, are payable at the time the application and are non-refundable. PLAR fees are for the assessment of the application and not the value awarded. 

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