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  • Canada Sees Decline in Homicide Rate
  • Firearms Regulations Considered in Unsafe Storage Charge
  • Public Interest Served in Deterring Bad Driving Behaviour
  • Conviction For Assault Peace Officer By Spitting Upheld
  • Objective Grounds For Arrest To Consider All Of The Circumstances
  • Fax Telewarrant Need Not Be Recorded Verbatim
  • Key To Grow-op Admitted Despite s. 10(b) Charter Breach
  • Accelerating To Grossly Excessive Speed When Approaching Intersection Was Dangerous Driving
  • Plain View Doctrine Examined: Cocaine Brick Admissible
  • 2018 Police Reported Crime
  • Non-Compliance With s. 495(2) Did Not Render Arrest Unlawful

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Last updated August 28, 2019