Financial Aid & Awards

For many of our students, the opportunity to study at JIBC is a next step towards reaching your personal and/or professional goals. However, while this is an exciting time in your life, it's important to anticipate the financial strains associated with pursuing a substantial course load. 

Staying informed about available assistance, and planning ahead will help you avoid a situation where you're overwhelmed. It's important to avoid waiting until the last minute to look for help with your finances. 

discussing financial aidWhat We Provide

JIBC Financial Aid & Awards Office, located within the New Westminster campus Student Services Centre, is here to assist you - whether you're a prospective or current JIBC student.

We provide JIBC students from all educational departments with the following information:

  • Advising on student financial matters
  • Bursaries, Awards & Scholarships offered through the JIBC
  • External awards search process
  • Government Financial Aid – loans & grants

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Where to Start

1. Create a budget

Understand your monthly income and expenses by using a Student Budget Worksheet to track your spending. This version is courtesy of the Canadian government, but you may want to find a version from your local financial institution. Keep in mind that it's a good idea to overestimate expenses and underestimate income!

2. Consider government student loans or grants

Student Aid BC has government-subsidized student loans which you might be eligible for.

For additional information please view this orientation presentation about government student loans.

3. Apply for the General Student Bursary

Once you've established that you have a financial need and plan to pursue one of JIBC’s programs (10 credits or more), you can apply for the JIBC General Student Bursary.

4. Apply for our awards and scholarships

JIBC offers scholarships and awards to students who meet specific criteria. Have a look at and find the awards relevant to you.

5. Search for external awards

We've created a list of external awards which may be applicable to JIBC students. Have a look at

Helpful Links

  • Indigenous Services Canada  - Search various funding opportunities through this Government of Canada website.
  • Moving Forward/Cost of Commute - Calculate your commuting expenses.
  • CanLearn - Canada's education savings and student financial aid resource website. Find useful interactive planning tools to explore learning and education opportunities and create a financial plan to achieve your goals.
  • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada  - A one-stop source from the Government of Canada providing resources on topics such as: budgeting and money management, fraud prevention, mortgages and loans, credit and debt management, taxes and much more.
  • International Scholarships - A listing of scholarships for international students studying in Canada.

After Exhausting All Options

If you've applied for funding that will arrive after a tuition deadline, you'll need to communicate this information with the program area. They will decide whether or not you'll be able to enter into a special payment arrangement.


If you feel your assessment with Student Aid BC was inaccurate, contact us at and we'll provide you with an appeal application.

There is no appeal process for our internal funds, but we can discuss why you weren't selected, as well as look at other sources of funding.

Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships

Scholarships and awards are based on specific criteria. Bursaries are financial awards which are given on the basis of need.  View all available options at

Scholarships and awards are based on specific criteria. Bursaries are financial awards which are given on the basis of need.  View all available options at

External Awards

External awards are provided by organizations other than JIBC. We've provided a list of options at

Emergency Funding

Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund. If you are an Indigenous student enrolled in a JIBC program and in need of financial assistance for unexpected expenses you may be eligible. Please contact the Financial Aid Adivsor at or call 604.528.5762.

Youth in Care may experience unforeseen financial emergencies, students can speak with the JIBC’s Financial Aid Advisor to help investigate possible resources available.  Please call 604.528.5762 or email

Last updated July 4, 2019