Leadership Course Calendar

Upcoming Course Offerings

Course Course Code Course Date Course Tuition Location
Creating a Positive Learning Environment INDC-1340-NW001 - $702.37 New Westminster Campus
Assessment: Applied Leadership LEAD-1559-OL001 - $243.75 Correspondence
Lead Yourself First LEAD-1100-OL001 - $710.17 Online
Essential Skills for Training & Facilitation INDC-1110-NW001 - $745.07 New Westminster Campus
Lead Yourself First LEAD-1100-NW001 - $710.17 New Westminster Campus
Leading with Influence in Organizations LEAD-1102-OL001 - $710.17 Online
Critical Thinking for Better Decision Making LEAD-1103-OL001 - $570.66 Online
Facilitation Fundamentals INDC-1377-NW001 - $494.09 New Westminster Campus
Leading Through Relationships LEAD-1101-OL001 - $710.17 Online
Leadership Simulation Capstone LEAD-1504-OL001 - $621.65 Online
Lead Yourself First LEAD-1100-OL002 - $710.17 Online
Positive Leadership: Maximizing Workplace Wellness SEVE-1069-OL001 $199.00 Online
Leading with Resilience LEAD-1395-OL001 - $503.97 Online
Lead Yourself First LEAD-1100-OL003 - $710.17 Online
Assessment: Applied Leadership LEAD-1559-OL001 - $243.75 Correspondence

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