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This course will benefit anyone, and be of particular interest to leaders, helpers and conflict resolution professionals. This unique form of dispute resolution places the onus on the clients to resolve their own conflicts. Conflict coaching participants will learn how to apply resolution theory and conflict coaching skills so that clients can effectively and proactively deal with their differences, whether applied to personal, workplace or community settings. The skills and applications learned during this introduction to conflict coaching provide participants with practical, effective methods to reduce the impacts of conflict and collaboratively build strategies for sustainable resolutions. You will have the option to record your role-play on the final day of the course.

This course is offered face-to-face and online. Please ensure you are registering for the correct version of this course. If you register for the online version please note the following:

Online: The online version of this course is highly interactive and follows a pre-determined timeline with both Synchronous and A-Synchronous activities. Participants should plan to spend a full day (8 hours) for each course day to complete these activities. Synchronous (live) activities are completed online through a virtual classroom with other students and the instructor. Asynchronous activities (self-access) will be completed on your own during designated times throughout the day.

JIBC's Blackboard system requirements: Use the BB system check link to ensure your computer system is properly configured for our web courses. It verifies your browser version, settings and display settings on your computer. Click here for more on BB Browser Support. In this class, video conferencing will be used. Learners must have a camera and microphone. For an improved learning experience learners are encouraged to use a headset with mic rather than the computer speakers and internal mic.


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