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Experienced mediators and those new to dispute resolution work will find this course helpful in working with families who are experiencing separation and divorce. The course examines ways by which the mediator can assist parties through a shuttle mediation process of dispute resolution. The content covers the factors that need to be considered, and some strategies for helping mediators avoid some potential pitfalls. Roles and expectations will be examined as well as the use of new technologies that can assist in helping parties to come to resolution. The diverse facets of shuttle mediation will be addressed and the content will provide guidelines for mediators. The material provides an opportunity for mediators to analyze, evaluate, and critique the use of shuttle mediation in their own practices. The course does not propose that shuttle mediation be used in all cases, but rather only in specific circumstances, and it supports the use of joint sessions when possible. The course will require approximately 28 hours of study time to be completed within an eight week period. (Formerly FAM500)


  • CRES-1180 AND FAMJ-1002 AND CRES-1100 OR CRES-1101
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