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JIBC recognizes the personal and financial commitment students make to pursue their educational goals. The JIBC General Student Bursary provides financial assistance to applicants who primarily demonstrate unmet financial need during their period of study. Bursaries are intended to offset the costs of tuition, mandatory fees, books, supplies, etc.



Bursary awards will not exceed 60 percent of the tuition and mandatory fees for a student’s program of study in any calendar year. The maximum disbursement of funds to any one student in a calendar year is $2,000. For students in short certificates, the bursary award will not exceed 60 percent of the tuition taken in any one term.

Bursaries are adjudicated and disbursed three times in the year. Students must apply for the award in the period immediately prior to the semester for which they will be enrolled. Students can reapply for the bursary if their situation changes and they are not able to attend their program as planned. Bursaries are awarded in the following months:

  • December for courses that start between January and April
  • April for courses that start between May and August
  • August for courses that start between September and December  


Eligibility Criteria
  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status.
  • Enrolled in a full- or part-time JIBC program of 10 credits or more. Applicants may apply for a JIBC General Student Bursary pending acceptance into a JIBC program.
  • Demonstrated financial need not met by other available sources of funding including student loans, grants, sponsorship, work income etc.
  • Not in receipt of other scholarships or bursaries administered by the JIBC.  
  • Must document financial need by completing the JIBC General Student Bursary application form and signing the declaration. Supporting documentation may be requested to verify the information contained in the application form.
  • Students can apply for the JIBC General Student Bursary once per calendar year (January-December).


Application Deadlines
  • January 30 
  • April 30
  • September 30


Application process

Complete the online General Bursary application form.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for the JIBC General Student Bursary at the adjudication deadline prior to the start of their program of study. If applicants are unable to attend their anticipated course(s) of study in a particular term the bursary will not be awarded. Such students are encouraged to apply again for their active enrolment dates.